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Abloy UK to provide new Digital Access Solutions training

by Geny Caloisi
The Digital Access Solutions Academy at Abloy UK is offering two new courses on Aperio and Incedo.

A purpose-built facility, the Digital Access Solutions Academy showcases, works with, installs and tests the company’s extensive range of products, with an emphasis on new digital solutions.

By attending the Academy’s courses, delegates will be able to specify and install the right digital access products in suitable applications, gaining hands-on experience.

Ian Miller, Digital Access Solutions Academy Manager at Abloy UK said, “Research shows that digital access control solutions are becoming the new norm, with 77per cent of end-users currently operating an electronic system, 38 per cent of which feature wireless access too.

“The shift towards remote and flexible working has created the need for more agile access control, and an easy way to manage access permissions with instant delivery, increased security, and sustainability.

“With this in mind, we have developed our Incedo and Aperio solutions to offer a secure, flexible and convenient way to control the movement of people in a building, and our hands-on training courses offer a comprehensive overview of how to effectively specify and install the systems.”

Aperio wireless devices are the easiest way to extend the reach of an access control system or to replace mechanical locks with intelligent access control. Because they operate wire-free, battery-powered Aperio devices are fast and cost-effective to install and save money on operating and maintenance costs.

During the course, delegates will understand all the technical aspects of designing a system, site survey and how to commission and fault find. The course has been designed with a mixture of theory and practical exercises, equipping attendees with the tools to specify Aperio access control products with confidence.

Incedo is a flexible security ecosystem that combines ASSA ABLOY’s world-leading range of wireless locks and other access hardware with flexible software, multiple management options and the ability to scale on demand, in any direction.

Incedo connects security software and hardware within a single, seamless platform with the ability to have complete remote control of premises and manage the ever-changing movement of people across multiple sites.

During the course, participants will learn suitable applications for Incedo products, what the system architecture looks like and how to integrate ASSA ABLOY’s Wireless Access Control range. Additionally, delegates will learn how to configure and commission using Incedo Lite software and how Abloy can support winning more business.

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