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ASSA ABLOY presents wireless and battery-free electronic locking

by Geny Caloisi

ASSA ABLOY’s new PULSE, an electronic locking solution with self-powered cylinders and padlocks that can be installed new or retrofitted in existing sites, will be presented at The Security Event in Birmingham. Pulse is suitable for all kinds of environments, from schools to assisted living blocks and multi-resident apartments.

This wireless access system combines the flexibility of electronic locking with the familiarity of mechanical security and requires no batteries or external power supply. Each user carries one programmable key giving them access to a specific allocation of locks and doors. And with permissions assigned via Incedo Business Cloud, a remote, cloud-based access control software, ASSA ABLOY PULSE is not only really simple to use, it’s also easily updated whenever and wherever necessary.

Self-charging with every use, ASSA ABLOY PULSE meets two of security and society’s biggest challenges. Features including the ability to blocklist keys and its energy harvesting technology make ASSA ABLOY PULSE a locking system that’s not just ready for the future, it’s designed for it.

Digital access solutions from ASSA ABLOY provide flexible, scalable and compliant security for a wide range of building types and applications.

These include Incedo Business, Aperio, SMARTair, and CLIQ, which can be combined with compliant electric locks to create a bespoke access control system designed specifically for an organisation’s needs and to meet building regulations.

Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, said: “The landscape of access control security in the built environment has changed significantly in recent times. So much more is required from a system now, and the days of the traditional lock and key are gone.

“Our range of digital access systems can be combined to offer a solution to a myriad of different security challenges posed in any sector or application while also providing many additional benefits in relation to health and safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Incedo Business is a universal security system that blends access control and security hardware with a choice of software in one scalable environment, offering flexible access control.

Aperio technology offers cost-effective, integrated access control and is the ideal retrofit option to upgrade an existing access control system to wire-free. On show will be the new E100 BLE-enabled escutcheon.

SMARTair utilises electronic locks to provide advanced, user-friendly access management with multiple credential options. In addition to the Openow™ mobile solution, which enables the sending, revoking and updating of virtual keys over the air in seconds, Abloy will be featuring the new i-max electronic escutcheon ideal for areas of high traffic use and the i-gate digital padlock, which can be locked and unlocked with a mobile phone.

eCLIQ is a retrofit solution to control the movement of people. It allows access to be easily granted, changed and removed while providing a wide range of data for health and safety purposes.

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