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Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS

by Benchmark

Arcules has announced the availability of the Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS solution. It represents a combination of the Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) integrated with Milestone XProtect Corporate on-premise VMS. The result is a flexible and feature-rich hybrid video surveillance solution ideal for organisations looking to centralise their dispersed video surveillance operations.

Organisations requiring the flexibility of VSaaS and the functionality of VMS benefit from the hybrid solution with performance built on enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Customers can deploy systems to remote sites quickly, with minimal IT resources and downtime, while still benefiting from the capabilities of XProtect’s on-premise VMS. Additionally, Arcules’ intuitive platform provides sites and cameras connected to the VSaaS with an underlying cloud infrastructure delivering compatibility between sites, low video latency, data encryption, redundancy, streamlined maintenance and automatic updates.

The integration gives XProtect Corporate customers a new hybrid cloud computing deployment option.

The typical XProtect Corporate user has many sites in different locations. Enabling the hybrid deployment can allow simplification of such deployments.

Users can link Arcules connected cameras with XProtect Corporate to achieve hyper-scalability.

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