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Expanding your offering with the Pyronix HomeControl2.0 app

by Geny Caloisi

Pyronix is improving its smart home line offering by introducing its latest updates to the HomeControl2.0 app. There are numerous advantages to using the app, such as new smart home integrations and personal help features for outside-the-home personal and family safety.

We asked Laurence Kenny, Pyronix’s Marketing Director, to give us an insight into the new app.

Benchmark Magazine: What does the product do? 

Laurence Kenny: HomeControl2.0 is our highly advanced and simple-to-use smart device application that makes managing and controlling our security systems faster and more efficient. Pyronix is a leader in developing technology and products for the security industry, focusing on the addition of IoT and connected devices; our HomeControl2.0 app platform puts the user in control of their security, safety and comfort in and out of the home.

BM: How does it work? 

LK: HomeControl2.0 is a mobile application available to download on Android and iOS. It can be connected to any existing or new Pyronix system that offers app control. 

The app connects via our PyronixCloud platform, which acts as the administrative software used to manage systems remotely, as well as set user permissions, including access and notifications. It even delivers a recurring revenue platform, making it simple to generate repeat income from connected systems.

BM: Who is it for?

LK: The app is suitable for residential and commercial customers. Users can have any number of systems added to the app. The navigation has been designed so that multi-area systems are easily viewed through the interface, including the ability to view individual sensor status and area status at a glance. The interface can also be used for multi-site management.

BM: What are its main features/benefits? 

LK:The app has been in the market since January 2021, and it’s an update to our original HomeControl+ app.

This latest update is a significant step forward in what we’re able to offer customers through HomeControl2.0, aimed at providing installers with innovative solutions for boosting growth and delivering even more customer value. We want to create an app that continually makes security easy, convenient and straightforward for installers and users while providing extensive protection and peace of mind.

Along with legacy features, like geofence arming and disarming alerts, enhanced biometric login, and voice notifications, our latest update offers lots of brand-new, convenient features and compatibilities for installers and users to enjoy, including:

  • The DoorbellCam

The HomeControl DoorbellCam is our latest Wi-Fi camera, which can operate as a standalone device or with an alarm system. It offers main-entrance protection with Full-HD video, 130° wide-angle view, motion detection, real-time notifications and a push-to-talk function, so users can monitor, see and speak with visitors straight from the HomeControl2.0 app.

  • The Personal Help Alarm

The app also has a new personal safety feature. It enables users to raise the alarm by sending an SOS notification with their geolocation to a contact bubble of family or friends requesting urgent assistance, whether inside or outside the home. Moreover, it operates on a standalone basis, so users don’t need to be Pyronix customers to access the feature; anyone can use it. Finally, it has no subscription charges, so users need to download the HomeControl2.0 app, set up their bubble, and they’re good to go. Our customers have already experienced great benefits by offering this feature as a free option on quotation and going back to their installed base to make customers aware they can now protect their family outside of the home, all from the one app.

  • SmartPlug Compatibility

Our SmartPlug is now compatible with HomeControl2.0, enabling on/off control of devices, scenes and automation configuration, and energy consumption monitoring, all from a single interface. The SmartPlug can be integrated with the DoorbellCam to provide linkage between devices such as a lamp, which can then turn on when motion is detected by the camera’s PIR, for example. These linkages are the base from which we’ll build further integration into the security system.

BM: What makes the HomeControl2.0 app stand out?

LK: HomeControl2.0 brings together the security system, video monitoring, automation and personal and family safety outside the home. We’re constantly looking to evolve the platform and will release new updates in Q1 to build additional customer value.

BM: How can people get hold of it? 

LK: HomeControl2.0 is available on Android™ from the Google Play Store and on iOS™ from the App Store. Our compatible products, like the SmartPlug and DoorbellCam, are available to purchase in distribution. 

BM: Does it have technical support?

LK: We want it to be as easy as possible for installers to contact us if they have any issues, so we have various contact options available across multiple platforms. Along with our Support Hub, which offers 24/7 access to product manuals and installation guides, our award-winning Tech Support team can be contacted daily between 08:00 and 18:30 by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Webchat: Whatever channel they choose.

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