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Pyronix offers a new level of protection with CarDefender

by Geny Caloisi

In the past century, vehicles, whether for work or as private cars, have changed society by providing freedom of movement and independence. In our rapidly developing world, where time is at a premium, vehicles are indispensable and often expensive and prized possession.

According to Police records, vehicles are also a clear target for thieves. There’s been a steep rise in vehicle theft, particularly using keyless entry and keyless start. Reports say that between Sept 21-22, there were 123,182 theft or unauthorised motor vehicle taking, a 29% increase from the 95,554 recorded Sept 20-21. This equates to the equivalent of 337 incidents per day.

How can you make sure your vehicle is safe?

Pyronix’s new solution, CarDefender, is a combined technology device specifically designed for vehicle security. The wireless device works alongside the Enforcer V11 or EURO 46 V10.

With three configurable detection modes, CarDefender provides an new line of defence to prevent vehicle thefts, especially keyless thefts, by raising a house alarm or sending a notification to the users device when an attempted theft is detected. Early warning allows users to take immediate action.

“The CarDefender is a pioneering device for our industry,” said Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director. “The new security solution protects vehicles and valuables against theft, in addition to delivering security and safety solutions for homes and commercial buildings.”

Guy Dodd, Pyronix Sales Director, said, “We want to make sure our customers have the solutions to solve real world problems. That’s why we’re introduced this device to our range, and we’re now speaking to installers about making sure that they add these to every installation quote they do, whilst also offering the CarDefender on their maintenance visits. This product provides them with a competitive advantage and point of difference, and will contribute to growing their business and the basket of goods that end users have to choose from.”

How does it work

CarDefender has three configurable detection modes to ensure vehicles are protected based on the needs of the customer.

The device has a specially designed, brightly-coloured silicone rubber mount, which acts as a deterrent and allows users to strap it to a vehicle’s steering wheel.

Guy Dodd, Pyronix Sales Director, explains, “A professional installer will set up and configure the CarDefender as an unsupervised zone, adding it to Pyronix’s system – either Enforcer V11 or EURO 46 V10, using a wireless ZEM.

“Once this is done, the brightly coloured device is attached to the vehicle steering wheel using the specifically designed silicon rubber mount, which provides an excellent visual deterrent for would be thieves.”

Besides the steering wheel, CarDefender can be permanently fixed to van doors, for instance, to prevent tool theft and break-ins. The device also works for motorbikes, motor homes and other valuables. However, as it is not IP rated, it is not recommended for harsh weather conditions.

Guy expands, “When a CarDefender is armed, and within the wireless range of the panel, it detects any attempt to force entry into the vehicle. The device has sensitivity settings. Any detection caused by the intruder while gaining or attempting to gain entry to the vehicle or the movement of the steering wheel will trigger a signal from the CarDefender to the alarm system. This can then trigger a notification to the user via the HomeControl2.0 smart device app and a full alarm on the system if required.”

As the device is added to the system as an unsupervised zone, the CarDefender can be taken out of the home range of the control panel without causing a fault. This allows the user to drive away from the property confidently.

Additionally, when the vehicle returns to the premises, the CarDefender automatically wakes up after ten minutes of being within range.

User-centric design

The CarDefender features a multi-function button on the front for installation and calibration. It also allows the user to manually wake the device and check signal strength when returning to the property. A green LED indicates good signal strength, while a red LED indicates poor signal strength.

“The CarDefender has been designed with usability in mind,” explains Guy. “Once the device has been set up, these settings are locked in after 10 minutes. This feature stops users from accidentally changing the settings. After the device has been locked, the settings can only be changed by opening and closing the device to enable another window for set-up.”

Laurence adds: “The new offering delivers on our commitment to continually provide our installers with innovative solutions, helping them to boost growth and deliver true customer value,” concludes Laurence.

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