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EZVIZ launched its 3K video doorbell

by Geny Caloisi
As video doorbells are quickly gaining popularity among tech lovers, they have become one of the very first smart home purchases that many people make for convenience and peace of mind. EZVIZ has recently launched its 3K video doorbell, the DB2 Pro, to better cater to such needs.

Completely wire-free in design with an embedded rechargeable battery, the DB2 Pro offers possibly the easiest and most flexible way of installation and can go near any entrance of a modern or traditional home or office. Being simple yet powerful, it also features a handful of pro features to make front-door security easy. Sold in a bundle option, each EZVIZ DB2 Pro doorbell comes with a free Wi-Fi chime.

Not every home or office is built with existing doorbell hardware in place, and not everyone likes the idea of time-consuming and expansive professional installation services. This is something EZVIZ understands and this is reflected in the DB2 Pro. This wireless and wire-free doorbell is fully battery-powered, which means the user can set it up anywhere on their own in minutes, by simply using the attached sticker or easy screws. Designed to last the test of time, EZVIZ also ensures it’s reliable and durable in performance. The DB2 Pro can run up to 4-6 months days on one full charge, which is maximised by its emerging-saving mode. It’s also fully weatherproofed to withstand any extreme weather, be that rain or snow. The introduction of the new space grey camera means end users now have a greater choice and can select the colour which works best for the property, further complimenting the current décor. The space grey colour also offers greater dust resistance than the white version.

The DB2 Pro first delivers the essential value of a good video doorbell – it lets users know who’s there, even when they’re not at home. Upgrading the video vision to render crisp clear 3K imaging, EZVIZ builds the DB2 Pro with an extremely wide viewing angle of 176° to see visitors from head to toe. Homeowners or business owners will no longer experience the frustration of a narrow, distorted field of view that a traditional peephole would provide, and can see and record visitors’ activities down to the small details – all via the EZVIZ app. What’s better, it features black/white night vision of up to 5 metres, so no one can easily dodge the camera despite the cover of the darkness.

Secondly, the DB2 Pro rings and helps people answer the door in an effortless way, which is fundamental in its daily use. With the help of the included indoor chime, users can hear the chosen ringtone, even from afar. An instant video call will be initiated to the mobile phone, so users can see and talk through the EZVIZ App to let friends know if it’s a good time to visit or ask the postman to place parcels in a preferred spot. The app integrates into a single app ecosystem shared with other EZVIZ devices.

Not only does the DB2 Pro provide instant access to the front door, it also helps deliver round-the-clock home or office surveillance. Integrating a human-shape algorithm and PIR detection capacity, the DB2 Pro is smart to detect human movements rather than running pets or moving leaves. Whenever someone lingers on the doorstep, the homeowners will know as soon as it’s happening. It’s not just the motion detection that can help with this constant overwatch. Video storage is made safe and flexible to make sure the doorbell captures and preserves every key moment.

The DB2 Pro supports local storage through a large microSD card of up to 256 GB, which can be inserted into the indoor chime. Unlike many of its competitors, EZVIZ offers users the choice of storing data on the microSD card which does not require any subscription or, for that added layer of protection, there is the option of encrypted cloud storage upon subscription.

Though easy to install, the DB2 Pro is hard to tamper with. In case the doorbell is forcibly removed, a sharp alarm will set off, while a mobile alert reaches the user. What’s more, the DB2 Pro prohibits unauthorised use after a theft, thanks to the unique account binding restriction.

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