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EZVIZ unveils internet-connected video doorphone

by Geny Caloisi

Smart home security manufacturer EZVIZ has launched its latest innovation, the HP7 Smart Video Doorphone. It features a 7-inch colour touch screen, a two-in-one camera and a doorbell, is easy to connect to home

 networks, and can integrate with entrance locks. 

Users can now exit and enter more easily, see and interact with visitors more clearly, and open doors remotely. In addition, users can receive real-time mobile notifications when people are detected, view live video fee

ds, and manage visitor access via their smartphones. Whether you want to let the kids in after school, have multi-family housing, rent a property or just make the entry process easier and more secure, this is ideal.

Widely recognised for its feature-packed and reliable video doorbells and smart door viewers, EZVIZ has taken a step further to provide a more tailored solution for larger houses and properties, showing the company’s strong competitiveness in the overall home entry product category. In addition to advanced functionalities and product connectivity, the HP7 fully ditches the bulkiness and old-fashioned look of prevailing home intercoms. The kit features a refined, minimalist style with both devices’ consistent, glossy black finish. It fulfils a homeowner’s desire for a device that fits a modern home and blends with any contemporary home entrance.

Communicate smartly with your front door

With the HP7, homeowners can open the door and gate by swiping a smart RFID card, tapping on the indoor monitor, or unlocking via the EZVIZ App. Wi-Fi connected, the HP7 makes it simple to manage home access even when users are not physically present. Users can enjoy using the large touch screen at home with intuitive control buttons and multiple customisable options. When at work or on holiday, users can now use a phone to receive incoming calls when the doorbell rings, verify the caller’s identity in stunning 2K video, and respond with real-time audio, all without ear-piercing noises or poor reception.

For an even better user experience, the HP7 comes packed with many thoughtful features. The outdoor doorbell features a shield cover to protect against and withstand any weather fully and uses a backlighted name card to ensure people knock at the right door. It also provides multiple ringtone options so users can choose whichever is preferred.

Integrating EZVIZ’s smart camera features, the HP7 is a front-door security guard for the home. It distinguishes and detects moving people instead of cars or animals, sending instant mobile notifications to notify users about any stranger passing by. Users can also fine-tune the detection feature by customising the area and sensitivity. All motion-triggered videos can be safely stored on an extra-large local MicroSD card of up to 512 GB in case any emergency happens without a witness being present. Those prioritising personal privacy can also enable the voice changer feature on the EZVIZ App when talking to unknown people.

“We are really proud about the launch of our HP7, as it truly shows EZVIZ’s long-standing commitment to building easy, useful and beautiful smart home products by combining human-centred design with advanced technology,” said John Wu, global product manager at EZVIZ. “We hope to see it change people’s perception of front-door protection and bring wider convenience and joy to everyone who uses it.”

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