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Fire safety in wood processing environments with Hochiki Italia

by Geny Caloisi

Italian company Novalegno began its journey in wood processing in 1982, establishing a sawmill in the picturesque Cadore area. Over the years, this company has evolved, expanding its operations and capabilities.

By 1993, Novalegno ventured into producing finger-jointed semi-finished wood products, setting up a factory in Ampezzo (UD). Not content with these accomplishments, the company continued its growth, culminating in the opening a new plant in the industrial precinct of Amaro in October 2021.

Today, Novalegno operates within an impressive 13,000 square meters of covered space, ensuring consistent climate control during wood processing and an additional 12,000 square meters of storage and handling space for planks. The Amaro plant specialises in producing jointed semi-finished wood products for crafting doors, frames, profiles, and windows.

The need for a dependable, high-quality fire detection system became paramount with the presence of dust, sawdust, and highly flammable materials in the production environment. Novalegno was determined to safeguard its facilities and the valuable resources within.

Novalegno’s operations posed a unique challenge due to the presence of dust, sawdust, and flammable materials. To safeguard its facilities and personnel, the company needed a robust and adaptable fire detection system capable of addressing the specific needs of its production site.

To meet these challenges head-on, Novalegno entrusted the installation company DFL srl with the responsibility of overseeing the project. The scope of protection encompassed various areas, including offices, warehouses, production zones, wood chip storage, briquette storage, and wood grinding mills.

In collaboration with Security Planet, a leading safety and security systems distributor, the technical team at Novalegno opted for Hochiki’s cutting-edge fire protection technology. Hochiki’s comprehensive range of solutions perfectly matched the diverse requirements of Novalegno’s facilities.

The result of this collaboration is a high-performance fire safety system that utilises a range of cutting-edge technologies:

  • Aspirating System: Novalegno implemented an aspirating system to ensure early detection of potential fire hazards.
  • ESP Detectors: Hochiki’s advanced ESP detectors were deployed to provide reliable and accurate fire detection.
  • Beam Detection: Beam detection technology with detectors installed at heights of 9-10 meters added an extra layer of protection.
  • Woodchip Stock Area Enhancement: Recognising the unique challenges of the woodchip storage area, an aspirating pipe was installed to facilitate maintenance, a task that would have otherwise been cumbersome.
  • Custom Activation: Thanks to the functionality offered by the Latitude control panel, Novalegno created tailored activations for smoke/heat evacuators located on the structure’s rooftop, all easily managed through a remote panel’s touch screen.

Alberto Frare of Security Planet commented, “We suggested to our customer to consider installing a Hochiki system, which we were certain would perfectly meet all the requirements of this production site and would guarantee maximum reliability. We are very pleased that the project was completed satisfactorily for both the installer and the end user.”

The collaboration between Novalegno, DFL srl, Security Planet, and Hochiki Italia has resulted in a state-of-the-art fire protection system that ensures personnel safety, resources, and the facility itself. Novalegno now enjoys peace of mind, knowing that they are well-prepared to mitigate fire risks in their demanding production environment.

In choosing Hochiki’s fire protection technology, Novalegno srl has demonstrated a commitment to the highest safety standards, securing a bright and prosperous future for their wood processing operations.


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