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Free CPD seminar: IT security for video networks

by Geny Caloisi
Barox’s newest online CPD Certified training course, entitled ‘Threats to video IT security from the planner’s point of view,’ is promoting secure IT networks for video. 

Scheduled for Tuesday 19th October, 10.00-11.00 BST, the free online seminar, will explore the essential requirements to designing a secure IT network for video surveillance.

Conceived to support installers, security consultants and system designers, the barox online training course will explore topics such as: What needs to be protected, Which parameters influence the cyber security of video networks, How to configure protection, and How to build a secure video IP network. In the 1-hour online seminar, drill-down parameters will cover human and process factors, ISO27001, certificates and configuring an ACL access control list.

The need for effective video network security and the knowledge base with which to implement it is changing rapidly,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “For a long time, CCTV systems have been isolated, being based on proprietary technologies without any networking and connectivity to external systems. Networking with the Internet or existing office communication networks was not considered, or was not feasible due to technological barriers. Today, however, due to the increased use of software and protocols from IT, as well as the increasing and sharing of resources from the cloud (and for maintenance access), video networks are being exposed to the same threats and vulnerability as is the case with office IT networks.

“In this barox CPD Certified training course, we will support system designers and installers with best practice consideration for the application and deployment of video network design.”

To register for the free-of-charge ‘Threats to video IT security from the planner’s point of view’ online training seminar (Tuesday 19th October, 10.00-11.00 BST), interested parties should visit: https://www.edudip.com/en/webinar/treats-to-video-it-security-from-the-planer-point-19102021/1633650

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