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Genetec releases Security Center 5.11

by Geny Caloisi

Genetec announced a new release of its flagship unified security platform, Security Center. Genetec Security Center 5.11 introduces the Genetec Web App, a new, intuitive, map-based application that runs on any modern web browser, making it easier to own a unified security system.

With version 5.11, customers will have access to every module of Security Center, including Omnicast (video monitoring), Synergis (access control), AutoVu (automatic license plate recognition), Sipelia (intercom) and intrusion monitoring, right out-of-the-box.

“With Security Center 5.11, existing or new customers can now benefit from all the value that a unified security system provides. This simplified offering eliminates any barrier to entry for organisations looking to get the most out of their security system and move to a unified system,” explains Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering and Chief Security Officer at Genetec Inc.

Besides simplifying the path to unification, Security Center 5.11 includes a wide range of powerful features as standard, including KiwiVisionTM analytics (Privacy Protector, People Counting, Security Video Analytics, and Camera Integrity), Visitor Management, advanced mapping functions, threat level management, and more.

New Genetec Web App

The new version of Security Center comes with the brand-new Genetec Web App, a map-centric, portable, and intuitive interface that can run on any device with a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. The system allows customers to monitor their facilities, respond quickly to incidents in real time, follow guided procedures, collaborate with other operators, and manage cardholders.

A security system for everyone 

Genetec’s new Web App extends enterprise security beyond SOCs (Security Operations Centers). Users other than security operators can interact with the security platform according to their roles and needs. Security managers could use the app to monitor satellite locations remotely, or receptionists could manage visitor access, for example. An intuitive, lightweight, web-based interface allows users to manage cardholders, incidents, and events in addition to security monitoring.

Easy reporting

Genetec Web App simplifies investigations of specific events or incidents that are largely unknown except for their location and timing. Operators can easily produce reports that focus on specific types of events or investigate everything within a specific area and time range.

Simplified path to the cloud

Security Center 5.11 brings compatibility with the upcoming Streamvault Edge. The Streamvault Edge simplifies the migration of existing security equipment to a hybrid-cloud architecture for multi-site operators such as banks, retailers, or businesses with unmanned or remote locations. Using the solution, cameras are cloud-ready and can be stored securely on cloud-managed appliances without requiring IT expertise at remote locations.

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