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Hanwha Vision and A.I. Tech: driving AI in video forward

by Geny Caloisi
One of Hanwha Vision’s pioneering partners, A.I. Tech, provides cutting-edge video analytics are significantly improve detection and reduce false alarms in video. A.I. Tech’s technology works seamlessly with Hanwha Vision’s cameras, providing a powerful combination of hardware, software and algorithms for reliable security alarm systems. This integration allows users to quickly detect and respond to potential threats in real-time. It also allows for more accurate and efficient monitoring, providing better protection for homes and businesses.

A.I. Tech co-owner Alessia Saggese, discusses how this partnership is helping companies reach further with their security systems.

A.I. Tech is an Italian company founded in 2012 that has developed cutting-edge video analytics solutions based on best-in-class AI. We have over 20 different video analytics applications that are being used in more than 60 countries globally, across several sectors from security and retail to smart cities and smart parking.

Besides being the co-owners of A.I. Tech Alessia is also an Associate Professor at the University of Salerno, with a focus on computer vision and pattern recognition techniques for video and audio surveillance.

“At A.I. Tech, we all have decades of experience in the AI field, with the owners/founders all Professors at the University of Salerno and widely recognised by the international scientific community in this field,” she says and ads, “In other words, developing innovative AI applications and putting them to use in society is core to our company.”

A.I. Tech and Hanwha Vision Europe partenred back in 2015 when Hanwha Vision was one of the first video device manufacturers to open up application development to third parties. At the time, A.I. Tech was one of the few companies able to bring AI algorithmic capabilities to cameras.

“Of course, since then both AI and hardware (i.e. cameras) have developed significantly, so end-users can achieve more through embedded, AI-based applications on each camera,” Alesssia notes, “It’s exciting because companies can now solve problems that were impossible to solve only a few years ago — like the combination of Hanwha Vision’s thermal cameras with our AI-INTRUSION app. This provides advanced intrusion detection with much fewer false alarms.”

Hanwha Vision and A.I. Tech are trusted partners and installers can buy most of A.I. Tech applications directly through Hanwha Vision.

Alessia says, “We appreciate the high reliability of Hanwha Vision’s cameras and the constant development being done to advance the hardware.”

Looking at the near future developments, Alessia pointed out the need to offer solutions that optimise energy consumption and are more sustainable.

“This is driving the development of a new solution from A.I. Tech for smart lighting that can adaptively change lighting levels based on objects detected passing through an area, on roads, and in different visibility. For example, it could automatically increase light levels in response to fog and wet road conditions,” she explained.

AI today is transforming how video is used across organisations. Applying AI to support and expedite human decision-making opens the door to numerous other opportunities in team and operational efficiency and unlocks insights from a vast array of data.

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