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Advancing Security with a Comprehensive Approach

by Geny Caloisi

Most security projects today require comprehensive solutions to adapt to evolving business needs. A good example is Manchester’s MediaCity

Home to iconic brands including the BBC, ITV, Kellogg’s and Ericsson, Media City expands across its 200-acre site. It is an international hub for technology, innovation and creativity in Greater Manchester. 

Visitors and businesses worldwide are drawn to this visually exciting, dynamic, and vibrant setting. A couple of years ago, it was decided that its analogue surveillance system needed an upgrade. The new solution had to deliver high-end protection 24/7 without detracting from the energy and vibrancy of the surroundings.

RS Security Consultants, an independent security consultancy and Axis partner, was tasked with auditing the site’s existing architecture to recommend a new system that would vastly enhance safety and security at the site. Following demonstrations of Axis Communications’ market-leading network solutions, an all-new state-of-the-art IP-based system comprising integrated video, audio and data analytics was deployed to deliver comprehensive levels of protection. A skilful camouflage job was also used to disguise the security technology.

Linn Storäng (pictured), the Regional Director for Northern Europe at Axis Communications, emphasises the significance of integrating various tools and technologies to provide overarching protection. “It is essential that appropriate tools and technologies are put in place to provide comprehensive, overarching protection,” she says. 

Integrated Solutions for Comprehensive Security

Axis Communications offers integrated video, access control, and IP audio solutions that form the cornerstone of a multilayered security approach. These solutions are scalable and have edge-based analytics, providing intelligent end-to-end protection. By leveraging network-enabled security products, Axis ensures the seamless detection and resolution of incidents, offering operatives complete peace of mind.

Perimeter Access Monitoring and Control

Securing perimeter access is paramount in any security strategy. Axis employs various cutting-edge technologies, including video surveillance cameras, thermal cameras, and radar, to detect and track intruders effectively. Automated alerts and alarms triggered through network speakers are powerful deterrents and enable real-time intruder communication. This proactive approach, driven by robust analytics, minimises false positives, resulting in significant cost savings.

Leveraging Video Analytics for Enhanced Security

Axis’s surveillance solutions are augmented by advanced video analytics, transforming traditional CCTV systems into intelligent security platforms. By harnessing the power of AI and edge-based analytics, Axis empowers organisations to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. This integration of open platforms, cloud connectivity, and IoT devices enhances overall security posture while simplifying data availability and connectivity.

Linn concludes, “Physical security has evolved considerably since its humble beginnings of standalone CCTV systems and manually operated access points. Over the years, network cameras have been bolstered by higher-grade image quality, improved bandwidth efficiency, and more powerful processing both on board and in the cloud, while the addition of advanced analytics and AI capabilities adds a wealth of functionality. 

“Open platforms, cloud connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT), and, more recently, the advancements in edge-based analytics and AI are transforming physical security into an interconnected system of smart devices and sensors. Such systems can now collect and process data to produce powerful insights that enhance security and improve decision-making in many areas. And by retaining an open approach to data availability, connectivity across the IoT is simplified, as is the development of advanced analytics.”

Axis Communications provides integrated solutions that adapt to the dynamic needs of businesses as security threats continue to evolve. Axis solutions enable organisations to stay ahead of the curve and protect their networks from the latest threats. They provide a comprehensive suite of products and services that help ensure the safety and security of organisations.


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