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Live camera action with major update to Axis wearable solution

by Geny Caloisi

Axis Communications has announced a major update to its wearable solution with the launch of AXIS Body Worn Live to deliver live data streaming in the form of video, audio, and metadata from Axis body-worn cameras. AXIS Body Worn Live supports informed decision-making by operators, enhances intelligence gathering for incident response teams (IRTs), and provides an added sense of safety for camera wearers.

Wearers can activate the data stream simultaneously with recording. The operator can be notified in their management system to view GPS location data and follow along in real-time in the cloud-based application. The wearer can be notified when the operator begins monitoring. Permissions can be assigned based on roles to safeguard data integrity and transmission is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Ian James, UK Sales Engineering and Training Manager, Axis Communications, commented, “The first-person perspective gained from a body worn camera can complement a fixed camera solution, gathering real-time intelligence and capturing evidence of a situation at the point at which it occurs. Integration with an operator’s VMS allows one system to monitor all cameras, both wearable and fixed, and enables the data from both wearable and fixed solutions to be combined, building a highly accurate incident report.”

AXIS Body Worn Live licenses will be available for purchase in Q2 2023. The product can be added to existing Axis body-worn cameras through firmware upgrades.

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