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IDIS launches AI Box for surveillance

by Geny Caloisi
IDIS has launched the DV-1304-A AI Box for Surveillance, a new AI-powered add-on device.

Through a simple and affordable add-on box, the NDAA-compliant DV-1304-A offers all the benefits of AI video without requiring analytics software or upgrading to edge AI cameras. IDIS’ latest AI device can perform multi-function analysis from just one camera without requiring calibration.

With the IDIS Deep Learning Engine pre-installed, the box can simply be connected to existing NVRs. Using DirectIP plug-and-play technology, users can expand their systems by adding additional boxes. With this approach, small to medium businesses can maximise the value of their existing investments and take a proactive approach to enhance security and safety.

Users can now enjoy highly accurate analytics – including object detection – including people, cars, and bikes – line crossing, loitering detection, and face detection – with the added benefit of a faster and more efficient event searching thanks to the simple connection and no ongoing license fees.

By using either the free, full-featured IDIS Center or the enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite VMS, operators can receive real-time alerts to potential threats before losses or damage occur. Security staff no longer need to monitor multiple surveillance streams, which results in faster incident responses and more positive outcomes.

James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe, said: “Deep learning video analytics have a vital role to play driving a proactive approach to managing safety and security while increasing operational efficiency. The launch of the DV-1304-A further builds out the IDIS true plug-and-play, end-to-end solution for a range of applications. It is an innovative yet affordable appliance that delivers all the benefits of AI video without the associated price tag, to guarantee the IDIS promise of a low total cost of ownership.”

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