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Intruder Detection for National Infrastructure

by Benchmark

In today’s challenging world, the need to protect and secure national infrastructure is a critical part of system design and implementation at high levels. Threats are constantly evolving, and as such it becomes necessary for any solutions and products to be used for such applications to be proven to be reliable, robust and effective.

In the UK, CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) is the Government’s technical authority for physical and personnel security. CPNI is tasked with overseeing the protection of UK national security, countering the threats of terrorism, espionage and sabotage.

Issuing advice and guidance, CPNI is active in a wide range of sectors including – but not limited to – biological, chemical and nuclear threats, hostile vehicle mitigation, anti-terrorism initiatives, protection of sensitive data, and the security of buildings and infrastructure.

One of the services offered by CPNI is the publication of the Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) which identifies physical security equipment appropriate for use when designing and implementing solutions to protect national infrastructure. The CSE lists security products which have been evaluated against specific security standards and achieved a certain performance rating.

CPNI approval signals to installers, consultants and end users that products have been identified as suitable for use in high risk and challenging environments, and are considered for use in a range of top level Governmental and national infrastructure sites. This not only offers enhanced peace of mind, but ensures systems with strict security requirements can be designed and installed to meet the most stringent demands.

Texecom has a range of products which have received CPNI approval and are therefore suitable for Governmental and national infrastructure solutions. These include the Premier Elite 168 and Premier Elite 640 expandable commercial-grade control panels.

A range of accredited peripherals are also available, including keypads, expanders and power supplies, to allow the design and installation of quality systems for higher risk applications.

It is critical that installers designing solutions for Governmental and national infrastructure projects select CPNI-accredited systems, and in many other high risk sites it makes sense to specify products which meet the grade. Texecom can help deliver credible and robust intruder alarm solutions.


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