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Ireland’s CarCharger uses CSL for EV chargers

by Geny Caloisi

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Specialists, CarCharger.ie, CSL’s Managed SIMs all its EV Chargers across Ireland. The company provides systems to hotels, factories, shopping centres and businesses, including well-known brands such as Lidl, Aldi, Tesco and An Post, the national postal service – who have the biggest vehicle fleet in Ireland and are committing to go fully electric. 

All chargers require connectivity to EasyGo, the data management system that handles the managed service. Despite this being a critical requirement, connectivity has been a major challenge, and prior to working with CSL, it was the single biggest headache faced by CEO Chris Kelly and his team.

The SIMs provide the highest levels of uptime with their ability to roam to all technologies on all networks, ensuring a connection. This allows CarCharger.ie to provide 24/7 customer support and service and ensure their service is always on. In addition, CSL were able to supply CarCharger.ie with SIMs suitable for installs, whether they be in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland – making the whole process as simple as possible. 

CarCharger.ie has found the CSL SIMs so reliable they often use this as their first point of investigation should a charger lose connection. The SIM can be checked, and if no access was available, CarCharger.ie would confidently identify this as a localised electricity issue.

CSL offers the highest levels of security for this connectivity. VPN access was provided (via a CSL Router) to all the SIMs on sites across the estate. This remote access reduces engineer callouts, saving money and time, but most importantly, it ensures this is always done securely. This is vitally important, as CarCharger.ie also uses payment management applications via this connectivity. CSL’s connectivity solutions ensure data transfer is always cybersafe & GDPR compliant.

CSL could also provide performance and usage analysis information to CarCharger.ie. With various EV chargers across their estate, CSL could offer tailor-made bundles and data allowances depending on each install. Not only this, CSL’s platform allows warning messages to be sent to CarCharger.ie, should usage go over the agreed or expected levels. Should the end-user request this, time or cost limits can also be created. CarCharger can also use data recorded by the chargers.ie to show the benefits of the service following installation e.g. number of uses, most popular times.

“The connectivity provided by CSL ticked all the boxes, and we have been thrilled with their service. We look forward to expanding our partnership over the coming years,” said  Chris Kelly, CEO, CarCharger.ie.

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