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Johnson Controls adds Zigbee to IQ Panel

by Geny Caloisi

Johnson Controls’ IQ Panel now supports connectivity with Zigbee devices in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As a wireless technology for automation, Zigbee enables many smart home devices and security systems to be connected to one another into a single system, which allows consumers to enjoy a more convenient home life. Connected to the IQ Panel, the Zigbee hub coordinates the system, and each device acts as a node to create a mesh network.

“IQ Panel has been at the forefront of smart home innovation since day one, and we’re continuing that leadership today,” says Greg Mora, Executive Director, Global Product Management at Johnson Controls. “Adding Zigbee support to our existing Z-Wave and PowerG capabilities is a key milestone in our ongoing quest to make daily life at home more convenient, energy efficient, and secure for all.”

IQ Panel provides a complete solution for smart home and security control. The IQ Panel currently supports Z-Wave devices for home automation and PowerG devices for life safety and security. In addition, new or installed IQ Panels can be easily upgraded with a daughter card to support the expansion of Zigbee homes automation devices such as smart light bulbs, including the widely popular IKEA TRÅDFRI LED bulbs and Philips Hue White A19.

The Zigbee smart home system can also serve as a home security system if it is equipped with suitable sensors. However, most Zigbee hubs do not support professional monitoring; this is why integration with the IQ Panel is key to achieving a reliable solution.

Zigbee compatibility brings more choice and convenience to IQ Panel users, enabling them to create home automation scenes with their existing smart home devices, whether Zigbee or Z-Wave.

IQ Panel with Zigbee support and standalone Zigbee daughter cards for upgrades are available for order now at authorized Johnson Controls Security Products Distributors.


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