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New Two-Door Four-Reader Controller from Johnson Controls

by Geny Caloisi

The DCM200, an intelligent door control module, is the latest addition to Johnson Controls’ range of CEM Systems access control solutions.

This two-door controller is designed to be highly secure and can be used in conjunction with CEM Systems’ AC2000 access control software versions 10.2 or higher. It simultaneously supports up to four Wiegand or CEM Systems-approved Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP v2) smart card readers.

The OSDPv2 is a secure access control system protocol standard developed by the Security Industry Association for peripheral devices. With secure AES 128 encryption, it provides bi-directional communications for connecting OSDPv2-compliant readers to DCM200 control panels and, with advanced security features, eliminates the threat of Wiegand signal cloning. 

A Secure Element on-board improves the cyber security credentials of the DCM200 by providing secure communications over TLS v1.2 to the host server and support for 802.1x network authentication in the future.

The DCM200 is easy to deploy with the installer configuring the IP address by simply selecting DIP switches using DHCP or auto-configuration. When connected to an Ethernet network, the DCM200 will then self-configure and receive the database of up to 50,000 cardholders in under 2 minutes. 

Designed with both end-users and installers in mind, the DCM200 provides a dashboard to help troubleshoot local and remote equipment, monitor configuration, and troubleshoot issues. Operators can remotely configure network settings and set limits for outputs, such as read heads, locks, and auxiliary outputs, using the dashboard to see network status, power, doors, inputs/outputs, and the database status.

Using powerful 32-bit processors, the DCM200 gives full off-line verification and decision-making at the point of entry when host communication is not available, whilst bi-directional control on two doors can be achieved when OSDPv2 compliant readers are used in an entry/exit configuration.

With the ability to support any combination of Wiegand or OSDPv2 readers, the DCM200 offers a future-proof solution for end-users who may wish to migrate from Wiegand readers to more secure readers over time.


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