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OPTEX was a pioneer of laser-based detectors, launching its first REDSCAN unit over a decade ago. Since then, the company has refined and improved the technology, and now offers the latest security-optimised LiDAR technology detection devices with a number of features to ensure correct installation and configuration, and high levels of accuracy. The REDSCAN Pro range offers both high catch performance and stability, along with flexibility when it comes to mounting the units.

Large areas can be protected with a single sensor: models include ranges of 100 x 50 (RLS-50100V) metres and 60 x 30 metres (RLS-3060V). The field of coverage can include multiple independent detection areas, and zones can be created to allow for varying levels of risk. Detection can be configured for horizontal or vertical planes, allowing flexibility when designing a system.

The sensors can detect an object’s size and speed, which allows more accurate filtering of potential alarm sources. This improves performance and allows users to have confidence in the detection solution.

To adapt the detection pattern to accommodate changing ground levels due to the accumulation of leaves, snow or sand, the sensor features an auto-learning function, and stability in challenging environmental conditions, such as fog and heavy snow, has been improved through new environmental resistance features. To help identify if there are any objects triggering nuisance alarms, the REDSCAN Pro features a panoramic camera which visualises the scene and stores images and alarm events together in the Event Log. This allows installers to identify events which generate alarms and – if necessary – tweak the configurations for higher levels of accuracy.

The integral camera module includes a red line which indicates the position of the detection field, allowing for a basic initial set-up. The LAC (Laser Area Checker: an optional extra) can then be used for fine tuning. The integral camera is also of use when troubleshooting the installation.

The REDSCAN Pro range can be installed in indoor or outdoor applications, and the user interface features a Home Map of the detection area, along with the ability to toggle between the map and camera view. There is also a pop-out window which gives real-time detector status, allowing integrators and installers to have an at-a-glance overview of the detector’s condition.

Up to eight independent zones are supported, and detection criteria can be set globally or per zone. The sensor will either detect a motion object or object presence, and filters can be set for target minimum size, sensitivity, motion distance and tracking size. Trouble alarms include anti-masking, anti-rotation and soiling of the unit’s lens.

Alarms in specific zones and different trouble alerts can be linked to different output terminals, ONVIF digital inputs or ONVIF motion alarms, allowing a variety of actions to be triggered. Two detection profiles are supported, and events in certain zones can be used to switch between profiles, allowing a high degree of flexibility in certain applications.

To ensure the device is secure, installers can also set up encryption and high-level authentication to protect against unauthorised access to the device.

The REDSCAN Pro range of advanced LiDAR detectors offer a high degree of flexibility, and present a secure and accurate detection device. The configuration process is straightforward, allowing integrators and installers to add credible detection to any application. OPTEX also has produced a series of simple videos to assist in the set-up and installation processes.


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