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Paxton10, morphing with the industry’s needs

by Geny Caloisi
We might have been let free after the lengthy lockdown that Covid19 forced us into, but the consequence is that we have now changed the way we work, access buildings, and interact with each other for good.

Remote working, more flexible business hours and the need to keep employees healthy demand that security automation and site video management is easy to use and can be trusted. For this reason, Paxton has taken mindful steps to enhance its Paxton10 platform to cater to businesses’ growing demands.

Research has shown that simplification on how a system is installed, networked and managed plays a crucial role in implementing the correct type of security for a site. Whilst developing Paxton10, the company’s survey results showed that out of 1400 sites fitted with Paxton’s Net2 access control, 936 had video surveillance, yet only 62 of these sites integrated the two. This, according to Paxton, is due to perceived complexity.

The same research also indicated a need for integration between access control and video management systems. On average, 1 in 10 sites integrates the two systems. This is why Paxton decided to take the broad features of existing systems and combine them.


Initially launched in 2019, Paxton10 combines access control and video management in one user-friendly platform. It can be used with wired and wireless access control, it works with Paxton’s video door entry system, the Paxton10 range of cameras, and supports integration with third-party IP cameras and intruder and fire systems.

Multi-site solution

From its inception, Paxton10 has had the capability to manage up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras within one site. Now, the Paxton10 Multi-site update enables the system to manage those doors and cameras over up to 100 sites.

For instance, if one person was to be responsible for the security of 10 sites, each with 100 doors, in 10 different countries, they could all be managed from a single Paxton10 system with only one server.

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer comments, “Paxton10 updates allowing global multi-site management and contactless access via virtual tokens is a strong step on the right direction for today’s business needs. Paxton10 Multi-site maximises the potential for expanding businesses in multiple locations. Manage up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras across 100 sites anywhere globally, via a single server. Administrators can add up to 50,000 users with no additional fees, making Paxton10 cost-effective and continuously scalable. The sites connect via simple software with an activation code to identify a Paxton10 Controller at the new site, and the system does the rest.”

Paxton Key App

The Paxton Key app utilises licence-free Bluetooth smart credentials available with Paxton10 and a user’s smart device to enable access to Paxton10 controlled buildings. Smart credentials can be issued ahead of time via email, and for a fully contactless experience, the app allows readers to detect devices at varying distances, according to preference. This means access can be granted without ever removing smartphones from pockets. The app also works with a device’s existing biometric capabilities, adding extra security via personal identification.

The touch-less feature has always been a significant point in Paxton10’s development, but the pandemic means this was an immediate requirement for customers.

Adam Stroud, Paxton CEO, explains: “People are familiar with using multiple apps on smart devices to manage daily tasks, including accessing social media and bank accounts, streaming content and paying bills. These services set the bar when using smart devices for personal verification. They have prompted the security industry to follow suit, and we are delivering this as a business.

“Smart devices create opportunity for innovations, and the security industry, like others, is being upended. There is rapid advancement happening, such as new cloud-based and web browser technologies that connect things wirelessly. These tools are helping security manufacturers create solutions for the future.”

Additionally, using smart credentials is convenient, secure, and useful for unmanned sites as they can be emailed ahead of time. When combined with Multi-site, this remote technology is powerful for managing many buildings in different locations without expensive, complicated infrastructure.

As Stroud says, “We should be able to breeze seamlessly through a door with security and convenience. This is paramount in all our decisions when developing Paxton10.”

Paxton10’s latest updates change the landscape of access control. The technology can potentially result in mass-scale adoption, replacing traditional keys of the past and even more recent electronic fobs.

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