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TRENDnet Hive adds remote cloud management support

by Geny Caloisi

TRENDnet, a SMB and consumer networking and surveillance solutions provider, has expanded its TRENDnet Hive cloud management solution, adding support for TRENDnet indoor wireless access points.

TRENDnet Hive simplifies and centralises the management and monitoring of networks and networked devices, saving users time and money. Multi-access point provisioning is easy with TRENDnet Hive. With TRENDnet Hive’s seamless WiFi roaming technology, wireless devices can seamlessly move from one access point to another.

The TRENDnet Hive platform also provides detailed usage reports at the account and device level, along with batch configurations. Enhance productivity by finding data bottlenecks and expanding the network. Reports include traffic statistics, the number of clients per WiFi band, and the number of connected clients.

Last year, TRENDnet Hive launched with support on select TRENDnet Web Smart Switches and PoE Web Smart Switches. In the future, additional access points and other product categories will also become compatible with TRENDnet Hive’s cloud management system. Users can access TRENDnet Hive on select TRENDnet indoor access points by updating them to the latest firmware.

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