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Synchronous monitoring across sites with multi-subscription

by Geny Caloisi
Businesses with geographically dispersed sites, such as retail chains, hotels or restaurants, have to rely on local monitoring companies for their security. The result is scattered data and multiple resources needed per location.

For example, take a company with 12 properties located in five cities. Each facility would be connected to the closest monitoring centre. There will most likely be four monitoring companies involved to provide security, two contractors for installing and maintaining the security equipment, and a corporate security department, which needs to be aware of what is happening in all the facilities.

Answering the need of its clients for simplification and centralisation, Ajax has upgraded its system functionality to offer multi-subscription.

Using just one hub, diverse sites can be monitored, and the relevant parties get notified about events and alarms simultaneously. Ajax Cloud has made multi-subscription possible. The cloud server receives alarms and events from Ajax security systems and instantly transmits them to any monitoring software and users’ mobile apps.

Multi-subscription helps corporate security departments effectively monitor service providers such as installers and monitoring companies.

From the same hub, the security department can manage changes of security mode, employees’ access to specific premises, and viewing streams from surveillance cameras.

Ajax system data can be converted into event codes of various protocols using the Translator utility. The protocols include Contact ID, SIA DC-09, Manitou, SBN, Sentinel, Kronos, and MASterMind.

Ease of use

Ajax’s PRO Desktop app transmits the events and alarms to the appropriate recipient, and a response can be organised in a few clicks. PRO Desktop also provides extended object profiles, a two-year event log with instant search, and a flexible user roles system.

MotionCam, motion detectors with a built-in photo camera, shows what caused the alarm and allows a quick cancellation if it was a false alarm.

Multi-subscription also eliminated unnecessary communication between the police and the company security department.

Ukrainian retail chain Velmart, which owns 29 sites in different cities, started using Ajax in 2019.

Vadim Belous, Head of the Security Department at Velmart is a fan of Ajax’s multi-subscription function. He says, “The more we dive into the abilities of Ajax security systems, the more we understand how many processes can be automated. Wireless devices are easy to install and maintain, and apps free up human resources. We practically have eliminated human mistakes. With the multi-subscription function, we always keep the situation under control, knowing that the alarm will be received and processed on time.”

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