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Videoloft launches its cloud adapter

by Geny Caloisi
UK-based cloud video surveillance platform, Videoloft, is enabling its customers to connect a monitor to the Videoloft Cloud Adapter and watch their camera live feeds on a local display.

Until now, wanting local live viewing was one of the only remaining reasons why security installers and users felt it was still necessary to retain on-premise NVRs or DVRs. But now, as well as remote camera viewing from the Videoloft iOS or Android apps or browser-based web-viewer, live video feeds can be watched on a monitor over the local network. No latency, almost no bandwidth, just simple local live viewing!

Videoloft Cloud Adapter to give traditional on-premise NVRs or DVRs a run for their money. Secure offsite storage for high resolution video – Record up to 8MP (4K) video straight to the cloud. Protect against recorder malfunction, damage or theft.

It provides easy remote  and local viewing . Users can watch live and recorded video remotely via the Videoloft mobile app or webviewer. A monitor can be connected to view live streams on a local display.

In the case of the internet connection dropping off, up to 7 days video can be locally stored on the Videoloft Cloud Adapter. The video is automatically uploaded to the cloud when the network is restored.

The single platform allows as many users and locations needed.

The Videoloft Cloud Adapter – the small bridging device that connects compatible CCTV systems to the platform, instantly upgrades legacy security systems adding all of the above features and more. It is available in an 8 or 16 channel version and there is a 64 channel 19” rack mounted solution for larger installations.

“We’re definitely seeing increased adoption of cloud-only video solutions across a wide variety of sectors,” explains Laura Worrell, Videoloft’s Chief Operating Officer. “Cloud-only installations used to be limited to customers with a specific requirement to only store video offsite, but it’s now becoming the norm”.

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