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Phybridge CLEER Switch

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The future in the security systems sector is unquestionably network-based. This does present a need for many sites to change with regards to the type of infrastructure deployed in their security solutions. In new applications this may not be a significant issue for end users, but it can be a more relevant challenge for installers and integrators where legacy systems exist and the end user wants to avoid the cost of replacing existing cabling. To many, a ‘rip and replace’ scenario simply represents wasted investment, and if a customer starts out with negative feelings towards an upgrade, it is unlikely to go smoothly.

The challenge for many installers and integrators is addressing infrastructure requirements to support the new IP edge devices. The traditional rip-and replace requirements often increase overall cost barriers to establish a network platform, and can be significant issue for many end users contemplating a migration to an IP-based surveillance platform.

An approach gaining popularity is to leverage existing infrastructure, repurposing it to deliver a networked solution. The Phybridge CLEER Switch is designed to eliminate most network infrastructure implementation barriers. It does this by making IP camera migration both cost effective and simple.

The CLEER Switch is an enterprise-grade 24 port Ethernet over Coax switch, delivering fast Ethernet (100Mbps symmetrical) and PoE+ over coax. It boasts a reach in excess of 600 metres.

CLEER transforms the existing coax infrastructure into a robust IP platform ideal for HD and megapixel cameras and other networked devices.

CLEER’s features include a throughput of 100Mbps per port (symmetrical, full duplex) over 600 metre distances. The manufacturer points out that while some switch specifications might claim throughputs of up to 200Mbps, these often will combine the up and down speeds, which can be misleading for installers and integrators looking at surveillance applications.

The CLEER Switch offers Layer 2 management features (SNMP, LLDP, VLAN) and remote switch management. Power can be controlled by port, with options to recycle or turn power on or off.

Port locking is supported and detailed port statistics enable easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Hot swappable power supplies and power sharing deliver system redundancy and ensure continuity of service in security applications.

Each switch includes two 1GbE Copper/Fibre uplink ports and dedicated management and console ports.

The switch delivers required power to IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at compliant devices across Ethernet links, and an intuitive web GUI simplifies switch management, making the management process far more intuitive.

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