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Vanderbilt Industries Bright Blue

by Benchmark

Bright Blue is a browser-interfaced intelligent access control system from Vanderbilt Industries, which has been specifically designed for most small to medium-sized applications. The Bright Blue access management system enables users to manage up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders without the need for a significant investment in IT devices and licences.

The system’s embedded design means it does not require special software installation or a dedicated PC. Any computer running a standard web browser can be used to access, monitor and manage the system.

Its user-friendly design means that anyone within a business or organisation can use it, making access control a simple part of a site’s ordinary working life.

Benefits include the fact that a user can access the systems anytime, anywhere with a network connected computer. The controller includes two on-board reader interfaces for direct connections to a wide range of devices.

Standardised reports can be generated, and data can be regularly backed up to ensure that losses do not occur. In the event of an emergency, the user can initiate a full site lockdown. This can be initiated via a credential or external push-button.

Site security is enhanced as the system offers door monitoring and an anti-passback function. If an event does occur, a notification can be sent to an authorised user via email.

A manual override can be used to temporarily unlock doors.

Increasingly, users of access control systems are also looking to implement video integration. Each access control transaction can be linked to video, thereby allowing the user to carry out investigations into violations with ease.

User IDs and passwords are protected with security encryption, providing the user with secure access to monitor, control and manage the system’s personnel data, transactions and activities. With Bright Blue there are three log-on access levels: User, Operator and Administrator.

Each level provides a different set of access rights to the system. This ensures that system users will only be able to access functions and data which they have permission to manage or view.

The controller is built on a Linux operating system, ensuring that the system is stable and secure from external threats.

Bright Blue is compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and OSX browsers and devices.

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