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Rules Mapping for Access Control

by Benchmark

Creating Logical Rules in Access Systems

The delivery of smart solutions has been made easier for many integrators and installers via the implementation of ‘cause and effect’ logical programming. This allows a system to automatically trigger actions in response to user-defined events, system or site status changes, or even transactional or operational data. As a result, the creation of a bespoke and flexible system delivering added value for the customer is made simpler. The approach is popular in video surveillance applications and has increased traction in the site protection market. Now Vanderbilt is bringing it to access control solutions via its ACT Enterprise software.


An Integrated Approach with Rules Mapping

With increased end user demand for smarter solutions across all aspects of their businesses, many integrators and installers are seeking flexible solutions that enable greater levels of integration and deliver added value for the customer. Return on investment has become a significant factor when selecting a solution, and as a result everyday benefits and business efficiencies have never been more vital. Access control has a pivotal role to play in terms of security and smart functionality. Vanderbilt offers a package that delivers on both fronts: the latest release of its proven ACT Enterprise access control software.


How to Use Rules Mapping

The delivery of smart solutions is significantly simpler and more effective where ‘cause and effect’ logical programming is implemented. While this is increasingly popular in video surveillance solutions, and is now a key part of smart intruder alarm systems, its introduction into access control solutions has been somewhat slower. Vanderbilt’s rules mapping feature brings smarter functionality to access control solutions via its latest release of the ACT Enterprise software.



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