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Vanderbilt Industries Announces ACTpro 3.1

by Geny Caloisi
Vanderbilt Industries’ newest version of its cloud-based access control system, ACTpro 3.1, includes NetworkOptix consolidating visual verification access control of events.

ACTpro is a network-based access control system that benefits from multiple integration scenarios with video management and workforce management applications to address the needs of typical access control and security situations. The role-based software suite streamlines the installation, management, and monitoring of the ACTpro access control system.

This update includes features like the support of custom card format, integration with NetworkOptix, and more. ACTpro 3.1 will also support custom Wiegand card formats that can be sent to individual controllers. This allows the customer to have different credential Wiegand formats at a single door and integration with NetworkOptix to give operators the ability to instantly visually verify access control activity and video events directly from ACTpro.

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