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Navtech Radar: AdvanceGuard

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As technology progresses and develops, there has been a transition in demand for ever advancing security, with the traditional security measures such as high fences, CCTV and roaming patrols deemed by many as outdated, ineffective and expensive. The disruption of airport functions and flight cancellations have serious financial implications on businesses, and their security systems must be able to manage and eliminate any potential hazards to infrastructure and production.

The ability of modern security systems to continuously monitor and track movements in high risk areas whilst detecting potential threats is crucial. Many traditional security structures are vulnerable; they are unable to locate and track intruders once the perimeter has been breached.

With the threat of terror becoming more and more prevalent, security systems must be able to work continually covering large site and perimeter areas with an increased focus on accuracy and reliability in all weather conditions.

The Navtech AdvanceGuard solution has been specifically developed to deal with the security pressures of the modern world. The fully automatic, pseudo-intelligent surveillance system is able to provide the precise location of any intruders on site, both within and outside of the perimeter, at any time and in all weather conditions.

As a fully automatic system, operators are alerted with warnings or alarms when there is a potential or actual perimeter breach. Detecting threats before the perimeter is violated, or reporting suspicious behaviour, allows the security team to minimise threats to production before they occur.

AdvanceGuard’s radar technology provides superior detection over other available perimeter intrusion detection technologies and is a modern contemporary security system capable of managing unfamiliar and expanding threats.

The AdvanceGuard solution has proven itself to be one of the most reliable wide-area security solutions on the market. It provides 360 degree coverage both in and outside of perimeters and can track and locate objects accurately to within 25cm of their actual location.

The system’s distributed architecture offers multiple sensor options that provide comprehensive and tailored coverage to every part of a site, monitoring even the most obscure areas and blind spots. All alerts are displayed on a map of the site using the Witness Sentinel display, giving full real-time situational awareness of incidents, allowing users to direct security teams to intercept any intruders.

The witness software is a highly customisable system with an unlimited number of rules that can be set according to a site’s requirements. The sophisticated rule-based engine mimics the intelligence of security operators, and is capable of providing various alarms based on tracked behaviours. This ability has enhanced the capability of AdvanceGuard to overcome traditional weaknesses associated with automatic systems, such as nuisance and false alarms.

AdvanceGuard generates an average of one false alarm each day, providing optimum performance both in terms of detection and response by diminishing operator fatigue. The software contains a world-class tracker that can detect and follow 200 unique targets per radar, differentiating between natural and foreign objects, detecting behaviour and movement outside normal parameters. The cutting-edge software can be connected to a site’s existing camera system, creating both short range video surveillance and long-range detection. When there is an alert, AdvanceGuard automatically guides PTZs to focus on intruders or areas of interest, providing the operator with a close visual of the situation while recording all surveillance automatically for effortless post-mortem analysis of incidents.

Navtech’s AdvanceGuard incorporates unrivalled detection and tracking services with cost-efficiencies, with the added benefit of eliminating human error.

Visit Navtech’s website for more information, or email our team with any questions.

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