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Sick Inc/The Hawkeye Effect LaserGuardian

by Benchmark

LaserGuardian is the result of a collaboration between high end sensor manufacturer SICK and geospatial intelligence specialists The HawkEye Effect. The solution, which combines laser-based detection with GPS location mapping, delivers the ability to identify the exact location where an alarm event has occurred, and identify it on a map or floorplan of a site, thus enabling an accurate and rapid response to events as they develop.

The system utilises PTZ cameras and laser detectors to track events and provide real-time visual verification of intrusions. Benchmark selected LaserGuardian because the combination of technologies allows responses to be staged based upon the actual risk. Because the exact location of intruders is known, and their movements can be tracked and visually verified, end users are able to maximise their resources, ensuring that differing responses are issued for genuine intrusions or, for example, innocuous activity such as children retrieving a football!

The system can also help to minimise nuisance alarms due to environmental conditions.

LaserGuardian offers a high degree of reliability due to the use of advanced laser scanning technology. With this combined with video surveillance and the geospatial software, it creates a smart solution for higher risk applications. In addition, specific automated responses can be triggered when the system is linked with VMS software supporting rules conditions.

LaserGuardian utilises customised maps, which are simple to create and configure. These include GPS-style coordinates to identify exact locations throughout the site. The software manages multiple cameras and laser detectors to deliver real-time situational awareness.

LaserGuardian can be customised to use a variety of SICK’s laser detectors, bringing a variety of benefits to most security applications. The detectors are immune to rain, fog, snow and dust. Detectors are available with fields of view of 190 degrees and 270 degrees. Ranges include diameters of 50 and 160 metres. Detectors using time-of-flight technology are also available.

The HawkEye Effect software provides timely preprogrammed responses to critical incidents. Through a suite of mapping technology and sensor integration packages, the software has been customised specifically to interface with SICK’s laser measurement sensors to deliver high levels of accuracy, outstanding reliability and very high levels of catch performance.

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