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Tyco C.Cure 9000

by Benchmark

Tyco Security Products has delivered a full system management option in the form of C•CURE 9000 for many years, and the system is accepted as a powerful and flexible security management system. However, an on-going programme of upgrades and developments has seen it become a central part of Tyco’s ‘unified’ security platform.

C•CURE 9000 uses distributed architecture to ensure scalability, making it suitable for businesses and organisations ranging from those with a small number of local sites, through to those that have national or international footprints. The system can expand with the needs of a business.

Whilst delivering centralised control over the entire system, it also enables local control of specific system elements to ensure enough flexibility to meet a wide range of user requirements.

Local servers can be used with appropriate edge hardware to maximise bandwidth management and control costs. Additionally, each site can maintain a local SQL database, ensuring there is no dependence on the master database or WAN connection for normal operations.

This ‘distributed intelligence’ model is enhanced as data from local servers is regularly synchronised with the main server to ensure consistency. Database information, including cardholder information and access control transactions, are updated and distributed back to the local servers to ensure local data is current.

The software was selected by benchmark because it allows local and distributed users to monitor events, manage access control needs, generate reports and assess system activity directly from a PC using the full client, the web client, or on the mobile app.

The latest version takes advantage of multiple CPU cores and 64-bit operating systems, improving speed and reliability.

The software provides seamless unification of video, access control, intrusion, fire and other supported products for situational awareness.

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