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C.CURE: Go Install App

by Benchmark

When installing and configuring any security solution, ease of connectivity is vital to allow remote control over certain parameters. This not only makes the task simpler for installers and integrators, but also reduces time on site which can cut costs. To help, Software House offers the C.CURE Go Install application for smart devices.

What is it?

Making field configuration changes is one of the security processes that has, over the years, become increasingly simplified. This is a positive step for engineers as the procedure is faster, which also saves on disruption and cost of ownership for the user.

Once installers and integrators would have to visit each device, put it into engineer mode, go through a series of physical changes such as resetting jumpers or changing DIP switches before returning the device to operational mode and testing. The task was made easier with the extended use of network connectivity. However, as more systems dispense with a need for centralised servers, the smart device app has become the preferred way of carrying out changes.

The C.CURE Go Install app is designed for use with the Software House iSTAR Ultra LT access controller. The app delivers a more efficient and convenient method for installers and integrators tasked with configuring or updating information on iSTAR Ultra LT controllers without having to physically access the unit.

How does it work?

Working with an embedded Bluetooth antenna that can be turned on and off remotely to ensure network security is preserved, installers and integrators simply log into the C.CURE Go Install app to perform a wide range of tasks.

These can include configuring the network settings on the controller, rebooting the device and checking its real-time status.

The app is ideal for use with iSTAR Ultra LT controllers that are difficult to access for manual configuration, such as units located high above doorways or behind ceiling tiles.

Using the app replaces having to make changes on or check status directly from the controller, minimising the disruption that can be caused by having to access the controller itself.

In applications, such as hospitals with sealed ceilings, where physical access to the controller isn’t feasible, the app provides a more efficient option.

Is it secure?

The password-protected app only works when integrators or installers are within range of the controller, so this means they will have to be in the secure area and have the relevant authentication to link the app. Also, for added security C.CURE 9000 shuts down the Bluetooth on the controller so the system cannot be accessed by unauthorised users. Bluetooth functionality is then controlled through C.CURE on a per-controller basis.


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