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DSC iotega Alarm Platform

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Demand in the domestic and small commercial markets for intruder alarm systems which incorporate home automation is growing. Challenges from outside of the security industry have hastened the need for credible ‘lifestyle-type’ products, and many are responding. DSC, part of Tyco, offers iotega as its solution to the growing demand.

What is it?

The DSC iotega system is billed as a next generation wireless security and automation solution. It is aimed at the domestic and small business sectors, and is claimed to deliver security, safety and smart control.

The system makes use of PowerG wireless technology, providing a fully encrypted security system that includes remote interactive smart services. This therefore allows new revenue streams to be exploited by security installers and system integrators.

In terms of system security, iotega makes use of end-to-end 128-bit AES encrypted two-way sensors and includes features such as an integral siren, two-way voice communication, up to 99 user codes.

The iotega system includes a capacitive touch keypad; an optional 7 inch Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen is also available, as are a wireless arming station and a flexible software app.

What’s special about PowerG?

PowerG technology is the company’s proprietary wireless technology. It has been designed to minimise vulnerability and reduce maintenance requirements. It utilises frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), which changes the frequency of a transmission.

The bandwidth is divided into multiple frequency channels. When a wireless connection is established and time-synchronisation is gained, the receiver and transmitter agree on an encrypted and time-dependant frequency hopping sequence.

It also makes use of TDMA (time division multiple access), a transmission technology that allows multiple users to access a single RF channel without interference.

What about automation?

The iotega system allows a range of home or building automation features. These are implemented via partner company SecureNet’s software app. The SecureNet platform offers a system management portal and iOS or Android mobile app that can be customised for installer brand enhancement.

The SecureNet platform can be fully integrated with security monitoring stations. Being modular, iotega scales to accommodate a wide range of lifestyle demands. Users can opt for a security only package and migrate to the security and automation solution.

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