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Altronix Tango1B

by Benchmark

Altronix, the supplier of power and data transmission products, offers its new Tango1B PoE-driven power supply/charger with lithium ion phosphate battery backup. The power solution is claimed to significantly reduces the overall costs to deploy access control and security devices by eliminating the need for electricians to fit fused spurs for traditional PSUs.

Low power 12V DC or 24V DC edge devices can be powered simultaneously via 802.3bt PoE input, providing cost savings.

The Tango series capitalises on the inherent benefits of utilising PoE to efficiently power access control and other security systems, further reducing the overhead associated with conventional deployments. An integrator can have a system cost-effectively powered almost immediately.

Tango1B is powered by any 802.3bt 4PPoE power source, harnessing the new IEEE standard to deliver 12V DC and 24V DC simultaneously. With 75W available, it offers the flexibility to power an entire 8-door access control system with 4PPoE. This includes powering the access control panels, locks, readers and ancillary devices, while providing a battery charging circuit with a single Cat5E or higher cable.

Tango is designed to be stacked with compatible access power controllers and distribution boards, utilising a single footprint.

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