Home Editorial Azena to showcase large open application store for smart cameras

Azena to showcase large open application store for smart cameras

by Geny Caloisi
Azena has announced that it will be showcasing its open application store for smart cameras at two events this month, IFSEC International in London, 17 – 19 May.

“The security industry is rapidly advancing with innovations in technology. The video analytics provided by the Azena platform are increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing security across a growing number of vertical markets,” said Fabio Marti, vice president, marketing, Azena. “We are excited for our presence at IFSEC and ASIS Europe, where we can show the results of our continued work with our developer, camera manufacturer, and technology partners that allow organisations around the world to source additional value from smart cameras.”

Azena presents a new generation of smart cameras that can be flexibly equipped with Al video analytic applications and are changing the way video analytics can be deployed into new and existing camera installations. These applications provide solutions for retail, manufacturing energy, healthcare and many other verticals.

The Azena Application smart camera platform and application store will be showcased alongside its manufacturer partner, Vivotek at IFSEC booth #IF4625.

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