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Azena platform provides flexibility and individuality for security needs

by Geny Caloisi
Azena’s open platform for smart cameras keeps growing. It currently offers more than 100 video analytic applications in its Application Store. The ready-to-use apps offer video analytic solutions for retail, manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, parking, stadium, and oil and gas environments.

Given its versatility and reach, it’s not surprising that the Azena platform is a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 for the Analytics and software innovation category.

Apps are created by third-party developers and are available in the Azena Application Store, where users can download and install the apps onto their cameras with just a few clicks. This enables users to create video analytics solutions as individual as in their organisation. It allows them to react to changes quickly or gradually pivot and extend their camera system to ensure they are getting the most out of it.

The platform allows multiple apps to be run in tandem on the same camera or different sets of apps on different cameras. Camera functionally can also be changed or extended simply by adding new or different apps where required. Cameras can easily be integrated into an existing video surveillance system with video management systems or used in conjunction with other on-premise or cloud software platforms.  The cameras can also be directly integrated with any endpoint for device control, for a full range of integration options.

The Application Store hosts a wide variety of applications for retail, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas and a host of other analytics that serve cross-industry uses. New solutions to the Azena platform include a sophisticated fall detection app for healthcare, which monitors and analyzes patient, visitor, and staff behaviour and alerts hospital staff of abnormal movement, upright seating, an exposed limb, or a fall. Other new applications include solutions for oil and gas that monitor flare detection and liquid leak and gas monitoring, providing a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional monitoring technologies to help reduce the frequency and expense of environmental fines and aid in regulatory compliance.

Retailers can use heat mapping, store traffic analysis, customer behaviour analytics, fire and smoke detection, queue management, shelf monitoring, and other merchandising optimisation tools. Large entertainment venues can employ apps that perform license plate recognition, crowd formation and behaviour, parking management, objects left behind, and fall detection to assist fans in potential distress. Transportation providers can leverage these retail and venue apps, including seat occupancy detection, wrong-way detection monitoring and many more. 

Smart cameras using the Azena Operating System are even being deployed on autonomous robotic devices to monitor high-sensitivity environments, such as stadium and entertainment venues, manufacturing and logistics, and oil and gas facilities. Autonomous robots can traverse into high-risk areas that humans cannot safely access or simply perform automated tasks, such as a spill or hazard detection in a retail store, warehouse facility or corporate office environment.

Integrators using the Azena platform can also benefit from enhanced device and project management capabilities to more effectively serve their customers. The platform offers a variety of new options for app installation and maintenance, from fully remote connections to new support for installations that run on a completely closed network, such as critical infrastructure installations or remote sites with little to no internet connectivity. 

With more advanced project management features, integrators have a clearer picture of app licenses assigned to specific customers or projects. Customer, project and location can more easily segment camera installations, and access rights for particular users can be assigned and managed based on projects. This data can also be integrated into an integrator’s existing project management software.

The ability to develop and upload a proprietary app to the Application Store enables integrators to sell this type of app only to their customers. This allows highly specialised or vertically oriented integrators to further protect their unique approaches to certain customer segments or needs whilst leveraging the Azena platform as part of their tailored solution.

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