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Autonomous robot Analytics with Azena

by Geny Caloisi
Smart cameras using the Azena Operating System can be paired with autonomous robots to monitor high-sensitivity environments, such as stadiums and entertainment venues, manufacturing and logistics, and oil and gas facilities, to provide new levels of security.

Video analytics powered by AI, available through the Azena Application Store, can be used in conjunction with autonomous robots and other technologies to create new solutions for advanced security measures and a safer user experience, according to Azena.

Robotic platforms are extending the possibilities of automated detection and analysis using video analytics and intelligent edge devices, such as those running the Azena operating system.

These technologies are growing in various applications, from roving robots that detect spills in grocery stores; to autonomous monitoring of hazardous petrochemical environments and robotic guards touring an office building.

Global security services firm Prosegur Security already uses this integrated approach in the form of “Yellow”, an intelligent robotic dog, pairing sophisticated video analytics detection with the work of onsite and remote security personnel.

“The addition of AI-enabled video analytics on the edge, offered by the Azena platform, is key to Prosegur’s ability to detect, analyze and determine which potential security or operational issues require human intervention,” said John Navarro, global president of electronic security, Prosegur Security. “Prosegur is proud to be partnering with Azena to provide the next generation of security services, employing the latest in technology to better leverage the expertise of our security operators and officers.”

In security and operational control settings, this robotics-based approach allows the assessment of potential threats in situations far beyond the danger threshold of humans.

Rather than replacing human operators, security robots increase security staff’s efficiency and improve their situational awareness as well as response time through real-time notifications. This can strongly elevate security and safety efforts in high-sensitivity or high-risk settings, including sporting events, manufacturing and logistics centres, petrochemical sites, and others.

“Pairing the Azena platform with robotics and other technologies extends the boundaries of technology solutions that drive more advanced security measures and highlights the innovative ways that the Azena intelligent edge analytics platform can be deployed,” said Hartmut Schaper, chief executive officer of Azena. “These integrations will no doubt uncover more innovative use cases for the combination of robotics and Azena edge intelligence.” The Azena platform provides more than 100 ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence-enhanced video analytic applications that run directly on any smart camera with the Azena operating system.

Through manufacturer partner VIVOTEK, an AI box allows for retrofitting any IP camera to run these apps from the Azena Application Store. This offers customers and security integrators a wide range of options to leverage video analytics in many different operational environments.

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