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All-in-one HD rapid deployment solution from Webeye

by Geny Caloisi
Webeye is creating a complete security solution for rapid deployment using the OCULiHD and its webeyeCMS and mobile phone app. With Webeye OCULiHD’s rapid visual verification webeyeCMS’ secure alarm delivery, users can respond to alarm events quickly.

OCULiHD is a battery-powered, wireless PIR detector with a 5-megapixel HD camera, allowing events to be captured in full HD. It includes an infrared illuminator and a colour day/night camera. Depending on the site requirements, the camera resolution can be adjusted from 640×480 to 2560×1944.

Using 4G mobile networks, OCULiHD provides rapid visual verification of captured events. Furthermore, Webeye can supply non-steered M2M and 4G SIM cards for single or multi-network deployments. 

Any intruder can also be warned of audio challenges using a horn speaker kit. Additional solar kits can be integrated when necessary for longer uninterrupted surveillance in the field.

The PIR detection range is 15 metres x 90º using a Dual Pyro Sensor and falls well within the camera’s field of view of 70º to ensure detected movements remain in view. Using the webeyeCMS portal, users can adjust the PIR settings such as its sensitivity, gaiting and pulse counting, as well as day and night thresholds. The dual-pyro sensor is susceptible to human activity and resilient to false detections. 

A switchable IR-cut filter in the camera provides realistic colour images during the daytime, and at night the b/w images are visible thanks to the built-in IR illumination. 

OCULiHD is fully tamper-protected with anti-masking, 3-axis inertia sensing, and enclosure tampers.

All footage is stored on webeyeCMS cloud servers and is available for download whenever needed.

The webeyeCMS platform and mobile app make it easy to set up, monitor, and control the cameras. When combined with webeyeCMS, OCULiHD becomes a complete security solution that allows alarm notifications and video to be sent to mobile devices and browsers without the need to install expensive hardware.

Webeye OCULiHD is ideal for remote locations or particular problem areas – the camera can be positioned discreetly and then receive alerts once triggered through the webeyeCMS platform to any configured mobile device or browser.

With dual pyro technology, false alarms are minimised, and superior detection performance is ensured. With its anti-masking, 3-axis inertia sensing, and enclosed tamper, OCULiHD is fully tamper-proof.

When bought from Webeye, the all-in-one unit comes pre-configured, so it works out of the box. Battery powered, 4G and wireless for easy installation and quick deployment. As long as there is a network signal, OCULiHD can be placed anywhere. Set up is easy using the webeyeCMS browser, which can determine signal strength, battery level and PIR detection coverage. Sensitivity, pulse counting and resolution are all remotely configurable.

With Webeye’s OCULiHD solution, users get access to a dedicated technical support team providing expert advice and in-depth product knowledge.

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