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CDVI’s ievo offers biometric access control in all weathers

by Geny Caloisi

CDVI has developed an ecosystem of Biometric Access Control solutions under the ‘ievo’ brand, which is part of a comprehensive solution set. 

Ievo’s technology combines innovation with a robust security system to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, providing efficient, accurate, and reliable biometric access for a wide variety of applications.

ievo iface

The Ievo iface is an advanced facial recognition terminal that provides high accuracy and efficiency when processing and matching faces. With its built-in MIFARE DESFire card reader, iface is the ideal solution for various access needs.

According to the company, iface identifies, analyses, and matches faces in less than one second, thanks to its octa-core processor. Creating high security, biometric, touch-free access system has never been easier.

ievo ultimate

ievo ultimate is a CPNI-certified fingerprint scanner that combines an industry-leading multispectral imaging sensor with advanced security features. ievo ultimate reads from both the surface and subsurface fingerprint levels even when features are hard to distinguish due to dirt, moisture, and damage.

ievo micro

ievo micro is a biometric solution for indoor use. With its sensitive optical sensor, the micro delivers fast, accurate, and reliable biometric security.

Offering both simplicity and convenience, the micro is a cost-effective option that integrates seamlessly with many access control systems, including ATRIUM.

CDVI has also released an off-the-shelf integration for ievo biometrics and ATRIUM access control. With a single click from the ATRIUM software, navigate to the ievo fingerprint

registration screen. Scan the finger and save it as an access credential for ATRIUM.

ievo’s biometric system includes a software product called isync that is used to power the ievo readers in conjunction with a third-party access control system. As a result of its ability to simplify the process of integrating systems, Isync makes setting up cohesive, seamless systems easier than ever before.


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