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Genetec Mission Control

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As the complexity of security data increases, the requirement for advanced management becomes more critical. In larger applications the sheer scale of information can in itself be an issue. Genetec believes it offers a solution in the form of its Mission Control software.

Genetec, the provider of open architecture IP security solutions has announced Mission Control, a decision support system (DSS) that is designed to provide security operators with heightened levels of situational intelligence, system visualisation, and incident management.

Designed as a modular element to interface with Security Center, the company’s unified security platform, Mission Control is claimed to simplify the operator’s tasks and decision-making process when handling routine activities and emergency situations.

The manufacturer claims that the software is suited to meet the operational needs of larger, multi-site deployments in markets such as higher education and transportation. The Mission Control package can deliver to operators a holistic, unified and map-centric view of the entire security infrastructure.

Genetec states that the package will also move beyond the capabilities of traditional security platforms, enabling businesses and organisations to manage incidents and situations from start to finish. Supported processes cover monitoring incoming sensor data and detecting incidents, all the way through to incident resolution and auditing.

With Mission Control, businesses and organisations will be able to define their response strategies and contingency plans in advance. Based on their specific needs and environment, security and operations departments will be able to create incident categories and implement multi-layered rules that trigger these, thus automating system actions to address any risks.

Users can further assign automated workflows and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to incident categories, which are triggered when an incident is detected. These will then guide the response of the operator to ensure compliance with internal and external policies.

Security systems traditionally report events and alarms, leaving the operator to decide how to react to situations. Mission Control delivers a more intelligent view of an incident so operators can make informed decisions. This is achieved by qualifying data based on the end-user’s operational environment to launch workflows that guide operators through the incidents.

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