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Loss prevention solutions from Agilitas and Solink

by Geny Caloisi

A major challenge facing the retail industry is loss prevention. Retailers in the UK are estimated to lose almost £11 billion in annual revenues due to shoplifting, more than any other country in Europe.

However, research shows that using security cameras reduced shoplifting, shrinkage and restored retailers’ bottom lines. When retailers implemented these preventative measures, 58% said shoplifting was reduced, and 10% said it was eliminated entirely.

To help retailers successfully manage loss prevention, Agilitas has partnered with Solink, a world-class provider of cloud video surveillance systems.

Using Solink’s platform, retailers will be able to track and prevent internal and external fraud and losses.

Using features such as HD on-demand and live footage; motion searches; automatic blocking exits and wide field of vision by linking multiple cameras, retailers can accurately and securely manage their inventory. Additionally, they can monitor stock rooms and certify that employee areas are safe and compliant while also ensuring the customer-facing section of the store is issue-free and well-managed.

With RAID or the Cloud, retailers can backup footage for 365 days if needed. NDAA compliance and cybersecurity standards are also met as part of this process.

Retail stores can intervene when necessary to prevent loss or theft by using Agilitas and Solink loss prevention systems. Detecting illegally removed items and reporting them to on-the-floor employees can ensure this never happens again. Alternatively, the store can review the footage later, retroactively view the suspected area, and refer it to the police or ban the perpetrator.

Using this cloud video surveillance system, retail

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