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Reconeyez Visual Verification

by Benchmark

Verification of alarms is increasingly demanded by end users, and as such integrators and installers can secure more contracts by delivering a simple but effective system to meet those needs. Reconeyez is a new name in the security sector and is seeking to provide a system that assists in terms of visual verification of alarm incidents.

Reconeyez offers a battery-powered alarm system that provides video verification. Claimed to provide a new high quality and flexible solution for outdoor security applications, the company has stated it places a particular emphasis on mobile and temporary security, as well as permanent outdoor-based asset and infrastructure protection.

The new PIR with integral camera delivers a completely standalone system. It has been designed to be used where there is no available mains power, as the PIR cameras work with a battery-powered 2G/3G/4G bridge to send alarms and images back to a control room. These can then be used for verification purposes.

Some of the key features of the standalone system include high quality images streamed from the PIR cameras around the clock. The devices make use of integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce false alarms and differentiate between target objects. The devices makes use of predefined classification categories, and only flag footage as an alarm event if the images contain people, cars, trucks, bicycles or buses.

The detection range is quoted as being up to 35 metres.

The wireless transmission is carried out over a proprietary mesh network which the manufacturer states improves radio communications between the PIR cameras and the transmission bridge. Making use of Cloud-based alarm monitoring and maintenance software, the devices can have optional integration into other software platforms.

Battery life is quoted as 400 days or up to 50,000 events.

The PIR Cameras incorporate separate camera sensors for day and night image capture, with a bank of IR illuminators to provide high image quality by night as well as by day.

Reconeyez is promoting the PIR cameras as being installable in two minutes. The manufacturer states that integrators and installers simply need to insert the battery and the system starts to monitor the protected area. As devices use proprietary low power mesh technology, this simplifies the installation process.

Estonian-based Reconeyez’s parent company, Defendec, has been supplying the same technology since 2009, with deployments in 24 countries.

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