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Smart Random Selection for Searches

by Benchmark

Random Selector from intuVision is designed to randomly select a predefined percentage of people or vehicles for searches and inspections. The application is available with both intuVision Edge and intuVision VA and is designed to allow the instigation of unbiased random stops at airports and other guarded entrances or border crossings. Subjects are selected for closer inspection based on a user-set percentage of people or vehicles.

The application has been well received by port and critical infrastructure end customers, as it can offer an unbiased mechanism to stop-and-inspect people or vehicles entering a facility. The analytics detect and count each person or vehicle, and select subjects on a customisable percentage in a uniformly random fashion.

The notification can be linked to an I/O module or other alert system to notify operators when a subject has been selected. Alternatively, the random selector function can be used to audit a system’s performance for accuracy of counts or events as well as an unbiased auditing of staff responses to detected events.


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