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Videx launches door entry video monitor

by Geny Caloisi

Videx’s latest video , coupled with the 6-wire VX2200 or 2-wire VX2300,  is entry solution designed  for smaller installations, such as apartments and houses, as well as multi-story apartment or office blocks.

The video monitor boasts a 3.5” TFT LCD monitor and eight soft-touch controls, four of which are programmable for features such as activating additional outputs or intercommunicating with other devices in the same apartment or other apartments.

There are several different formats of the video monitor available such as hands free and those with a handset. The handset version includes hands free as well. A desk mount kit is also available for the handset version while the hands free version can optionally be flush mounted.

“The new range of video monitors are easy to use and enable intuitive entry management across a wide range of properties and buildings making them an attractive choice for door entry, both for small and larger installations.

Up to 10 monitors can be installed in the same apartment on the VX2200 system while the VX2300 supports up to four per apartment.

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