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Videx launches new digital IP panel range

by Geny Caloisi
Videx Security announced its new vandal resistant digital IP panel range, the 4514 series.

The 4514 compliments the existing Videx IP system offering a digital call panel which is ideal for larger installations, that’s capable of calling up to 5,000 apartments, making it the access control solution of choice for both private and public sector apartment buildings.

James Gray, National Sales Manager at Videx said: “Our new digital IP intercom is perfect for those larger installations where there are more apartments than the functional panel is capable of or there is a need for a digital panel with large graphical LCD display and voice annunciation which aid the caller to contact an apartment easily.”

“There is also no set limit to the number of entrances and the system can utilise an existing network structure if required. Also integrated into the panel is a built-in proximity reader allowing up to 10,000 proximity key fobs to be stored and a coded access facility for up to 10,000 codes.”

Available in both a vandal resistant 4000 series style and full vandal resistant with stainless steel bezel flush back box, the digital panels are manufactured from 316 grade, 2.5mm thick brushed stainless steel and come with the option of an alpha-numeric keypad (A-F) or name search and scroll facility keypad (both back lit). Custom sized panels are also available to offer even more flexibility to the installation.

All models include a large 128×64 pixel graphical LCD display which is back lit blue providing clear visual messages that can be displayed in multiple languages for the user of the system. The integrated H264 camera offers excellent picture quality especially when used with our 7” touch screen monitors.

The panels can be powered either by POE or a 12Vdc supply. Also available is a Wiegand output (allowing connection to third party access control systems that also use this protocol) plus a serial RS485 interface for future use with other devices.

Advanced features such as RTSP to stream the video from the camera and HTTP for third party integration are standard along with full SIP integration (including direct SIP for use without a SIP server) to allow the digital panel to be used with third party telephone systems and similar scenarios.

James concluded, “The panel also includes a speech board annunciation that advises the user on the progress of a call, programmable times and settings, and a built in wide-angle H264 colour camera with six white light illumination LEDs that provide the best quality picture in any lighting condition. Features that prove very useful and convenient for local authority, housing associations and private developers where an easy to install customisable solution is required.”

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