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Touch-Free Access Panels from Videx

by Benchmark

Videx has launched a touch-free entry range to help businesses return to normal operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The range offers both exit buttons and entrance panels in a touch-free format using infrared sensor technology, providing a no touch solution for companies creating a COVID-Secure environment for employees, partners and customers.

Neil Thomas, national sales manager at Videx, stated, ‘As businesses return to normal, health and safety is the key priority. With touch-free entry panels, visitors can alert someone of their arrival without needing to press a button. The panels can also include proximity access control, allowing authorised personnel to enter the building touch-free. Both surface and flush exit buttons are also available.’

The panels and buttons are compatible with a number of Videx systems including the IP system, two-wire video kits and GSM kit. The panels and exit buttons, which are for internal use unless appropriately protected externally, boast several key features including adjustable activation range (30-150mm) and activation time (from 0.5 seconds to 20 seconds). All panels are IP55 rated and require a power input of 12V DC. They can operate in a temperature range from -20 degrees to 75 degrees.


Thomas added, ‘The new touch-free range can offer better protection against COVID-19 transmission and other viruses which spread from touching common use surfaces and devices. Videx can also provide fully customised options, offering bespoke entry panels and exit buttons in keeping with the surroundings of a building.’

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