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100 STEM students attend open day for Paxton Scholarship

by Geny Caloisi
Students from Brighton and Sussex universities visited Paxton’s head office last week for their Scholarship Open Day. During the open day, students will get hands-on product experience, learn more about the scholarship program, and see how the international technology manufacturer works.

Currently, in its fifth year, the Paxton scholarship programme offers students studying STEM courses a three-month paid placement with Paxton’s advanced engineering department, along with £10,000 to apply for the university.

Adam Stroud, Paxton’s CEO, said: “The universities are just on our doorstep, but the students there may not know we are a global technology manufacturer offering a whole breadth of different career opportunities.

“Through participating in the scholarship programme, students will gain interesting and relevant industry experience without taking a gap year. They can also establish a relationship with us that can potentially create a career path after graduation.”

Alex Moreton, Software Engineering student, studying at University of Brighton, attended the open day and learned more about the programme. He said: “The internship is a fantastic opportunity in which I can utilise the facility here and get assistance from the engineering team on my final year project. This is incredible when it comes to finishing my degree and going forward in my career.” 

Devin Yuille, Group Recruitment Manager at Paxton, adds on to the mutual benefits of the scholarship: “Students will get paid for the three-month internship and receive a stipend; these could add up to around £15,000.”

He continues: “As technology evolves and the access control industry changes, the younger generation brings important differences and new ideas.”

Both the students and the universities highlight the value of the internship and financial support offered by the Paxton scholarship programme.

Sally Colledge, Stewardship Officer at the University of Brighton’s Philanthropy Office, said: “The opportunity for students to work at Paxton is invaluable, offering them tailored experience to develop employability skills.”

James Napp, who is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sussex, said: “The Paxton office building is very big and has a lot of open spaces. Everyone seems to like their jobs which is always a big thing when you are looking for a potential employer.”

Kathryn Mountford, Careers and Employability Consultant at the University of Sussex, said: “We are impressed with Paxton’s investment in offering students life-changing work experience and financial support through the scholarship programme. Paxton proves their commitment to developing future potential.”

Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship after attending the open day, and the winners will be announced in January 2023. The scholars will join Paxton’s Development team in July next year.

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