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by Benchmark

BCDVideo’s Aurora server series brings cutting-edge video archiving and management to the low- to medium-risk market, delivering high functionality in a cost-effective package. For installers and integrators upgrading from NVRs and DVRs, it changes the traditional focus for device manufacturer from one where price dictates functionality to one where performance is a critical consideration.

Benchmark selected BCDVideo’s Aurora series because the servers have been designed to meet the evolving demands of smaller applications, whilst retaining levels of performance more commonly associated with higher end systems. This means that system functionality is not limited simply because a site has a lower number of devices.

All too often, server manufacturers equate low device counts with low risk. The result of thinking is that many smaller applications have a choice of either over-specifying servers, paying for capacity they’ll never use, or opting for more restrictive NVRs or DVRs. The Aurora series eliminates this problem by providing economically-priced enterprise-quality video recording systems.

Surveillance video is critical data, as should always be treated as such. The Aurora series is a reliable and secure device, but aimed at those applications with lower camera counts. The servers are designed specifically for applications of up to 50 cameras. However, this is not a limitation as its bandwidth capabilities can support more.

Features include 12Gbps RAID controller with 2GB of flash-based write cache, hot-pluggable hard drives, server-grade CPUs with 10000 PassMark ratings and redundant power supplies.

The servers make use of HGST helium drives. These surveillance hard drives feature superior random write capabilities, which accounts for 90-95 per cent of the hard drive’s usage in a surveillance solution. The drives used for the Aurora Series are the same drives being utilised in high-availability NAS and SAN systems. The helium hard drives are available in 6TB and 8TB variants.

The Aurora series includes tower and rack-mount units with total storage capacities ranging from 6TB up to 120TB with RAID5/6 protection.

The servers are supplied with a worldwide, five-year,on-site next business day warranty. This ensures that continuity is provided, and delivers peace of mind for installers and integrators seeking best-of-breed storage.

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