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12 to Try: Infrastructure

by Benchmark

Benchmark looks at 12 products and systems of interest for security installers and system integrators actively involved in the creation of network-based security solutions.

NVT Phybridge: FLEX

FLEX is a versatile, enterprise grade, long-reach managed PoE switch that delivers fast Ethernet (100Mbps full duplex symmetrical) and PoE++ (50 watts per port) over 2 or 4 pair UTP with a range in excess of 600 metres. FLEX was designed specifically to support both long and short reach requirements, making IP migration simple, cost effective and less disruptive for many applications.

With FLEX switches, many installers and integrators can eliminate the need for IDF (intermediate distribution frame) cabinets that may be required given the 100 metre transmission distance limitation of standard PoE switches.

The FLEX switch can operate in standard mode (100 metres) without an adapter, and long reach mode with the adapter, delivering power and ethernet requirements over ranges in excess of 600 metres. The FLEX adapters can support multiple IP end points from a single Ethernet cable, allowing for cost effective expansion of the IP network.

FLEX can operate in transparent mode, functioning as a bridge allowing for plug-and-play deployment, or as a layer 2 managed switch.

FLEX delivers 100Mbps full duplex symmetrical bandwidth, 24 downlink PoE++ (50 watts) ports with extended reach, support for 2 or 4 pair UTP, 2 x 1GB Ethernet ports and 2 x 1GB fibre ports, management and console ports and PowerWISE technology.

PowerWISE technology supports 1000 watt power supply at 220V with an optional 1,600 watt power supply available, auto-sensing of AC/DC power sources, power sharing for redundancy and hot-swappable power supplies.

Another feature is an intuitive GUI making configuring, troubleshooting and management simple. It includes features such as remote power management by port, port MAC locking for higher security, packet traffic details for easy management, power details by port and Layer 2 management features including VLAN, Telnet, HTTP, LLDP, STP, SNMP and Spanning Tree.

The FLEX switch is ideal for security, supporting IEEE 802.3af/at devices.

ComNet: FVT/FVR Range

ComNet offers the FVT/FVR range of video transmitter/data transceivers and video receiver/data transceivers. These devices are available in wide range of capacities from 2 video channels and 4 bi-directional data channels, up to 32 video channels and 8 bi-directional data channels. Designed to deliver 10-bit digital encoding and decoding for short-haul video transmission, they manage independent video channels and bi-directional data channels over optical fibre links.

The devices are transparent to the system and are compatible with legacy PAL video surveillance systems. Data can be RS232, RS422 and RS485 over two- or four-wire links. Plug-and-play functionality simplifies installation and there are no requirements for any adjustments.

Status LED indicators give at-a-glance confirmation of the operational condition. The units can be either wall- or rack-mounted, and are rated to IP66.

Dantech: SecurePoE

SecurePoE is, as its name suggests, a PoE power solution range aimed at the security systems sector. The PSUs are available in Midspan and Multispan variations. The Midspan units are designed for use with legacy or external switches, while the Multispan models include integral Cisco switches. The PSUs are available in a range of configurations for internal or external use and are available with 1, 2 or 4 ports. There are also 8 port variants in a rack-mounted format.

The DA1110-IN-4-G is an indoor 4 channel Multispan unit with UPS functionality, deploying a 10Ah VRLA battery back-up.

The unit’s injectors provide up to 30W per channel, simultaneously across all four outputs. Mounted in a tamper-protected metal enclosure, the connections include status monitoring. Transfer throughput manages Gigabit and 10/100Mbps bit-rates. The PSU is suitable for IEEE 802.3:2012 (IEEE 802.3at and 802.3af) devices.

The PSU offers a variety of monitoring options. Each port indicates if a PoE device is attached and drawing power, and the PCB also indicates that the PSU is powered; any loss can be signalled to another system.

The UPS variants include monitoring of mains power status and low battery voltage. In the case of a prolonged power outage, the battery pack connections are broken once voltage levels are excessively low to prevent damage. An alarm condition is created if and when this happens. The battery pack is automatically reconnected when power supply is resumed.

The Multispan UPS models are supplied with customised battery packs. This ensures that PoE delivery can be continued when mains power is off.

Secure Logiq: Mini Qube workstations

Designed for standalone HD surveillance applications where budgetary constraints might rule out Enterprise-level servers, the Mini Qube range of Secure Logiq workstations deliver the versatility and flexibility of a powerful appliance which can act as both the recording server and playback station in a video surveillance solution.

The compact devices boast performance that exceeds that available from many IT-focused servers. The C-Series units have a throughput of up to 300Mbps and storage of up to 12TB, while the Q Series have a throughput of up to 500Mbps and storage capacity of up to 18TB. Both include two HD video outputs (DisplayPort and DVI on the C Series and DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI on the Q Series models) The workstations also include dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

In terms of processing power, the C Series devices make use of Intel i3 processors plus 8GB DDR4 memory, while the Q Series utilise Intel i7 processors plus 8GB DDR4 memory.

The Mini Qube workstations use the Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system which is installed on an SSD (solid state drive) and are shipped including power cable, keyboard and mouse.

Panasonic: Coax Convertors

Panasonic’s coaxial convertors using two devices: a camera side transmitter and a receiver. The camera side coaxial convertor is the WJ-PC200, which allows connection of a single device. The miniaturised device can be fitted into an existing camera housing. Where it is mounted outside of a housing, a simple coax cover is included. The WJ-PC200 is powered from the receiver unit. There are connections for 10/100Base ethernet in and coax out. There is also a Link status LED.

At the receiver end, installers and integrators have a choice of either WJ-PR201 or WJ-PR204 units. These offer support for one or four channels respectively. The units are suitable for rack mounting, and the ability to support up to 4 cameras per channel with the WJ-PR204 allows for 16 cameras per rack.

The WJ-PR201 has a single coaxial input and a 10/100Base ethernet output. There is also an input for 57V DC power in; a PSU is supplied.

Panasonic’s range figures are calculated with the assumed use of RG6/U coaxial cable. The WJ-PR201 and WJ-PC200 can be used over distances of up to 300 metres for PoE+ applications, up to 500 metres for PoE applications and up to 2km for non-PoE use. It should be noted that the PoE+ and PoE figures are for use with compatible Panasonic devices. With other third party cameras, the respective distances fall to 200 metres and 300 metres.

Transmission speed is quoted as 35Mbps (TCP) or 45Mbps (UDP) with the proviso that the transmission distance is less than the maximum figures quoted above. It is worth noting that with the WJ-PR204, the transmission speed is the total value of all four streams.

Nitek: EtherStretch

The EtherStretch EE328 is an IP network and PoE repeater. It extends and repeats network communications to overcome traditional networking distance limitations of 100 metres. This enables devices to be deployed in locations that traditional networking would not allow.

The devices, which are invisible to the system, require little more than a simple plug-and-play installation. There is no requirement for set-up or configuration. The single unit solution is installed by simply connecting the device, via RJ45 ports, in line with the network run.

Each EtherStretch unit extends the cable run by 100 metres. The EE328 draws power from a PoE network switch and extends that power for the next 100 metre run. If a PoE switch is no deployed, the EE328 has an optional power input and can function as a PoE inserter.

The EE328 is 802.3af compliant as a PoE source and device. LED lights identify the status of network communication and power delivery.

The units are constructed of industrial grade plated aluminium with a corrosion resistant finish.

Axis Communications: AXIS T864 Series

The AXIS T864 PoE+ over Coax series of convertors gives installers and integrators a choice of cost-effective methods to upgrade legacy composite video systems to network-based video solutions. Devices in the series enable the repurposing of coaxial cabling. This allows a site migrating to an IP-based platform to carry out changes at their own pace and in easy-to-manage stages.

Axis Ethernet over Coax (EoC) adapters can be used for single cameras. One device is used to connect a network camera to the coax link, and a second adapter reconnects it to the network at the control room location. Where multiple devices are to be migrated, PoE+ over Coax blades can be fitted to any Axis video encoder chassis. Combinations of encoder blades and PoE+ over Coax blades allow a flexible approach to multi-channel migration.

The AXIS T8640 can be used in installations requiring PoE transmission over distances of 100 metres. To simplify installation the units feature an LED display that gives confirmation of network and power status.

The AXIS T8646 PoE+ over coax blade kits come with one AXIS T8646 PoE+ blade and six AXIS T8642 devices for six cameras. The six-channel blade kit can be used with any Axis video encoder chassis or an AXIS 291 1U video server rack.

Razberi: ServerSwitchIQ

Razberi’s ServerSwitchIQ series is designed to offer a simple solution that streamlines the installation and integration process for hardware required to run a VMS-based networked system. The ServerSwitchIQ series offers a wide range of functionality in a complete package that comprises a recording server, an intelligent PoE switch and integrated resilience which offers cyber security and system health monitoring.

The devices, which all carry a three year warranty, have been designed to be capable of handling 4K UHD video.

ServerSwitchIQ is available in a number of versions to meet differing needs. The basic ServerSwitchIQ supports 8 or 16 PoE ports and up to 24TB of storage. It makes use of Intel i3 processors and includes recording capabilities, an integral switch and system health monitoring software.

ServerSwitchIQ Pro can support up to 24 PoE ports and 24TB of storage. It makes use of Intel i5 or i7 processors and adds cyber security software and RAID to the functionality of the basic package.

ServerSwitchIQ Enterprise has 24 integral PoE ports and up to 80TB of storage. It makes use of Intel i7 processors and includes system health monitoring and cyber security software, RAID and redundant power supplies.

Finally, the ServerSwitchIQ Rugged is Razberi’s option for harsh and hostile environments. The Rugged incorporates 8 PoE ports and supports up to 4TB storage with RAID options. The device uses Intel i5 processors and has all the functionality of the ServerSwitchIQ Enterprise model. The unit is also hardened to ensure that deployment in extreme temperatures or dusty environments is possible.

The servers use a solid state boot drive to protect the system software. Operating systems are Microsoft Windows 10 IoT 64-bit or Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2012, dependent upon the selected ServerSwitchIQ model.

BCDVideo: Titan Networking switches

BCDVideo, the supplier of surveillance-optimised servers, has teamed up with Extreme Networks to supplying simple, secure and cost-effective enterprise networking solutions for security projects with the Titan Networking range. The range makes use of IP multicast over ExtremeFabric Connect to reduce the potential impact of network outages, whilst also enhancing the level of protection against cyber security threats.

ExtremeFabric Connect delivers enhanced levels of performance, scalability and resiliency to IP multicasting. The technology enables sub-second recovery for IP routing and multicast services, and delivers significant improvements over conventional Spanning Tree/OSPF-based networks.

BCDVideo’s specialised networking solutions utilise ExtremeFabric Connect to enable a dynamic, agile and resilient network where services can be deployed at the edge only. A simple programming language and no required certification makes Titan Networking easy to work with for installers and integrators.

The Titan range is ideal for medium-sized and larger projects with high bandwidth requirements. One issue with multicasting is that protocols must be layered on every node, even if specific nodes will not use multicasting. The result is that networks can become overly complex.

The use of Fabric Connect allows the deployment of Layer 2 and Layer 3 virtualised services, and makes use of a single protocol. Provisioning takes place at the edge and only involves devices that need to send multicast data streams. The use of shortest path bridging means that the data streams will take the shortest routes. This helps to manage bandwidth allocations and eliminate potential bottlenecks in the system.

Veracity: HighWire Powerstar Quad

The Highwire Powerstar Quad is a four channel ethernet and PoE over coax device. It supports up to four IP-enabled devices via 10/100 Base ethernet RJ45 ports. Each has status LEDs for link and PoE. The unit also has a single coax output.

The device is either powered from the Base unit using PoE, or it can be locally powered via a 57V DC PSU. If the unit is powered by PoE, then the Quad has a total power budget of 10W. This rises to 20W if a PoE+ switch is used. If the PSU is used locally , the power budget increases to 40W or 78W dependent on the power supply.

Range is quoted as up to 300 metres with RG59. Bit-rate is quoted as 200Mbps.

Dycon: D1816

The D1800 series of PoE midspans from Dycon Power Solutions are available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 port versions. The D1816 is the latter unit.

The unit is IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant. Designed to be rack mounted, the midspan features an integral power supply and uses a simple mains input.

The midspan delivers up to 30W per port, with simultaneous power delivered across all ports. This ensures that the power budget is consistent regardless of whether higher power devices are used.

The D1800 series features individual power supplies for each set of four ports. The D1816 has four discrete power supplies, with each managing a block of connections (1-4, 5-8, etc.). This means that should a power supply unit fail, only four of the total number of available ports will be lost.

The D1816 uses switch mode power supplies, and the manufacturer claims it is over 85 per cent efficient.
The midspan has status LEDs on each port. These indicate that port power is available (yellow), and that a compatible PoE powered device is connected (green).

The unit is supplied with a rack mounting kit.

Excel: Cabinets and Racking

Excel Networking offers a range of rack cabinets for infrastructure, along with numerous fittings to allow the protection and professional presentation of infrastructure elements. Cabinets are available in a range of sizes from 15 to 47U. Cabinets are available with widths of 600 or 800mm, and depths range from 600 to 1200mm.

Available in grey white and signal black (RAL9002 and RAL9004) finishes, a selection of door options can be fitted to the units.

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