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The VMS has become a cornerstone of modern smart security solutions, and despite the roots of the software being embedded in the video surveillance sector, today’s packages can manage the whole range of security technologies, as well as IoT integrations and building management tasks. Vigil from 3xLOGIC combines VMS and access control to deliver enhanced added value for users.

The flexibility and scalability of VMS software has been proven in recent years, and the fact that the vast majority of forward-thinking integrators and installers are using the technology as the basis of bespoke and smart solutions speaks volumes about the power it can deliver.

Where once security technology was restricted in terms of potential due to hardware-based technological limitations, today the industry is capable of delivering solutions which not only protect businesses and organisations, but also make their operations more efficient and help them reduce waste and enforce compliance.

When VMS first appeared in the security sector, it was a video-specific offering, and the V in the abbreviated description does stand for Video. However, it could be argued that today, VMS is a misnomer. While the software does indeed offer video management, that is but one small part of the functionality on available from these systems.

Today’s VMS systems offer a high level of flexibility and scalability with regards to video management. Many allow smart functionality to be introduced, and deliver advanced alarm and event management. However, the features and capabilities are not limited to video.

Many VMS packages allow support for, and integration with, access control systems, alarm and detection equipment, plus a whole host of business intelligence and IoT sensors and solutions.

With bespoke integrations and direct driver-based plug-ins, the leading solutions also allow peripheral systems such as POS, elevator control, parking management, HVAC and energy control to be realised via the same GUI as the VMS.

One example of an integrated VMS is Vigil from 3xLOGIC, which combines video management with access control functionality.

What is it?

3xLOGIC, the provider of integrated and intelligent security solutions, has made the Vigil VMS available in the UK and Europe. Currently established in the USA, 3xLOGIC is targeting the VMS at system integrators and security installers who want to combine video and access control into an integrated solution, without the stress and time expenditure typically associated with some of the more complex set-ups.

Vigil is an enterprise grade VMS which is linked with the manufacturer’s range of NVRs and PoE-enabled cameras. Ti simplify installation and configuration, the VMS makes use of wizard-based guides, helping to define network parameters, system identification information and camera profiles with a high level of efficiency.

The security sector is seeing an increasing demand from businesses and organisations for integrated VMS and access control solutions. Recognising this developing trend, Vigil can be seamlessly integrated with 3xLOGIC’s Infinias access control system, which has been designed to be easily scalable, allowing it to manage any size of project ranging from a single door installation to an enterprise-wide system comprising hundreds of doors.

Connections between the Vigil VMS and the Infinias access control system are wireless, making the installation process quick and simple with minimal disruption. System configuration is carried out through the software with an automated, cloud-based programming tool. This ensures delivery of a cost effective implementation for end users and security managers.

In order to create an intuitive solution, the video is automatically linked with access control events and alarms, resulting in a seamless site-wide overview of all security events.

The combined technologies are capable of offering a high level of functionality which was previously only available from solutions designed for larger projects. As a result of its intuitive set-up process, Vigil removes the need for expensive technical resources which often make such systems cost-prohibitive for many smaller businesses and organisations.

As a result, Vigil opens up a new revenue stream for system integrators and security installers who work primarily with small to medium-sized enterprises, or who wish to start offering an integration based service to existing customers.

3xLOGIC is a part of the Stanley group of companies. The Vigil VMS will be made available through the existing PAC channel and customers will also have full access to its technical support team. This ensures that customers can rely on a tried and trusted supply chain.

Features and functions

Events can be viewed via a connected PC or by using the mobile app, allowing operators to respond to alarms and view live footage from any location. SmartSearch functionality enables users to quickly identify and review events.

The Vigil Central Management software enables users to monitor server connectivity, camera status, storage details and server settings, and the RapidStream technology and SubStream motion detection functionality ensures high resolution video streams while substantially reducing bandwidth demands.

Users can quickly identify points of interest within larger recorded video streams by creating a SmartSearch mask over a specific area of the image. Surveillance data can also be routinely archived without the need to perform the task manually.

Advanced reporting features including heat mapping, restricting and locking video are also available.

The Infinias range of access control systems includes Infinias CLOUD, a cloud-based system management application, delivering advanced security features to enable the seamless management of sites. Scalable to allow the system to manage anything from single door control to campus-wide installations, Infinias CLOUD has been designed to deliver simple and flexible security.

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