Home Editorial Ajax products are integrated on Immix software automation

Ajax products are integrated on Immix software automation

by Geny Caloisi
Immix, a provider of software automation, has integrated Ajax alarms into its software. Immix monitoring software supports receiving Ajax systems’ alarms via Ajax Translator.

Ajax Translator is an app to establish communication between Ajax security systems and third-party monitoring software. Acting as a connecting link between the hub and the Central Monitoring Station (CMS), Ajax Translator converts the notifications received from the hub into event protocol supported by the CMS software.

“Our customers have expressed the need for increasingly modular and flexible solutions and we are committed to working with innovative companies that can do just that. Ajax Systems has a strong scope of solutions that extends our direct integrations with intruder detection and alarm systems,” said Chris Brown, CEO of Immix

Ajax products are now available for the IMMIX CS and GF platforms.

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